Monday, November 30, 2009

A good woman

Kai.... i saw something on FB today that just touched my heart. A husband singing the praises on his wife on her birthday and it is so evident it was a heartfelt message. Made me wish for a good marriage, husband, family, life. I just had to share it. I have removed all names and stuff like that. No be me write am o. All credit goes to the loving husband.

My Dear Wife, it pleases my heart and that of our kid's to congratulate and felicitate with you on the attainment of yet another milestone in your historic, eventful and blessed course of life you have lived so far, first as a daughter to the XXXXXX family and now as a wife and prosperous mother in the XXXXX family. Your birthday today is an opportunity to say thank you for your uprightness, dedication and commitment as a loving, caring and dutiful mother and wife. Today , (Kids) and I salute you . We stand in a ceremonial guard of honor in your name today. My Celestial and Soul's Idol, pearl of pure womanhood, personification of humility, definition of patience, my Amazing Grace, you have been my proverbial rock of Gibraltar, since (wedding date) when we walked down the aisle, you haven’t for a moment given me cause to look back and regret, rather you have been an avalanche of joy, my talisman and genie.

Your Virtue of Tolerance,patience,steadfastness,maturity,faithfulness,contentment and above all your belief in God Almighty as been the bedrock and success of our marriage. You have personified truth in all you do and brought forth kids as glowing as diamond. You have proven to be worthy to be called a Star in your chosen profession as a (profession) and your duties as a wife and mother. I am blessed to have a wife like you and My kids are honored and blessed to have you as a mother, guardian and friend.

At a time like this when I am engaged in a constant move for full capital restoration, you have held forth the home front and kept my back. God bless you. Happy Birth Day woman of substance. Happy Birthday woman of my dream. Happy birthday (her name). May this your milestone Birthday bring along with it, all that you desire,may you continue to prosper and may God in His infinite mercy guide and protect you. GOD BLESS (HER NAME) OUR MUMMY AND QUEEN, SEND HER VICTORIOUS ,HAPPY AND GLORIOUS ,LONG TO MUMMY OVER US, GOD BLESS (HER NAME).

How sweet is this? I want my husband to say such things about me and really mean it. I'm sorry if u guys don't see what i see, but i loved this.


  1. ...the dream we all have. But then, are we ready to sacrifice 'all' to achieve it?

  2. Rethots, u will kill me for this, but i have forgotten if u r a guy or a girl. I know i've asked u b4. I guess, guy?

  3. This is what most of us dream of. Very nice.

  4. Awww my that is amazing...esp in this day and age when husbands come as trifling as can be!!! This is good news!! lol

  5. was just abt to say exactly wot rethot said. it's beautiful 2 see a man exhort his wife dis devoted way. but being such a wife worthy of this praise no be moi-moi. as well as we r praying 4 our husband to love us in this deep way, we have to realize that it takes much more than this desire to achieve that. but God dey. He helps us in this task daily.

    p.s: rethot na man. me sef i don wander many times which one him be too, so no b only u


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