Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Sunday

I'm so Nigerian! LOL... Only a Nigerian would say Happy Sunday. One of my professors told me this past Tuesday that i don't sound like a Nigerian. See me trying to argue (anyway, i don't blame him. He should hear me speaking pidgin english b4 he says that nonsense). He was like, u lost the English accent most Nigerians i know speak with? Huh?!!! Nigerian speaks with an English accent or Nigerians pronounce some words like the English? I no come know again o! I don't believe an average Nigerian has an English accent. I was listening to someone, whom i could have sworn had connection to the UK, maybe she lived there for a while b4 coming here or whatever. Anyhoo, her explanation for her "English" accent was that she was Nigerian and we were colonized by the British. Oturu!!!! Verdict: Fail! Fake accent!!!! Especially since she has been living in the States for a while.

Abi, am i not Nigerian again? Was i not raised there? I should know how my pple sound, even the tush, ajebutter ones na. We don't have an English accent, we might pronounce and spell words like the British, but we don't speak with an English accent, whether we were colonized by the British or not!!!!! We speak with a Nigerian accent! I am open to correction o! Maybe i have been away too long and no longer remember how my pple speak, but i highly doubt that is the case. Me, i open my mouth and whatever comes out, however it comes out, that's what u get o! I don't even think about how i sound anymore. Used to when i first moved here cos it seemed like no one could understand me. All i got after i spoke was, huh?! Huh? Huh, urself. Fool!

Anyway, my holiday is officially over. Time to stop sleeping six hours a night like someone who doesn't have problems. Well, i don't have problems cos God is in control, but sleep time is over sha. Finals are in three weeks, so we only have this week, and next week is the week b4 finals. I hate the week before any exams, so stressful. I don sleep all my sleep until Dec 17th cos i have great plans for Biochem, Anatomy and Devo.

I have my Medical Interviewing exam next week. I'm not worried about that one. Ask open ended question, listen, show empathy, abi? Ok, i'm ready for them. Anyhoo, in the spirit of it being Sunday, i thought i should share a few sites i like. My friend in Naija was very happy when i gave him the music site, so i guess some of u might like them .

Music: Gidilounge. Naija music, it's free and updated regularly.
Naija tee shirts, sweat shirts and all that good stuff: Cafepress/naijatees . I really like this site. I got two hoodies from there (separate times). I ordered a large (size) one time and I felt it was too big, so i asked about exchanging it. They told me not to worry and sent me a Medium FOC. I gave my sister the other one.
TV : Television without pity . I used to go to the forums on candid reality TV a lot because i like reading what pple have to say about the shows i watch. These pple can be vicious. They had to close the "Jon and Kate" thread cos of the viciousness, but i love reading those stuff. I don't go there as much cos i hardly watch TV these days.


  1. Not being here in a while... Good luck on the exams....Don't know if there is a Nigerian accent though... Ibo, Yoruba, Hausa and Waffs peeps have different accents... I think..

  2. Well, i think there's a typical Nigerian accent, besides the ibo, calabar, etc accents.

  3. I lived in Scotland for about 3yrs, people there asked if I had lived in England. No way, straight from naija. Here too, I teach English to immigrants. The American organizer is like, I have a British accent. OK oo, if you say so.

    But seriously, an accent is how words are pronounced. So a naija person without the regional intonation might pronounce/accent words in a british way cos our vocabulary is British and most of our teachers; were taught by the British/or someone who studied/ or themselves studied in England. And yeah it comes from being a british colony/colonized by the british. Not nice/cool to hear but such is life.

    Good luck in your exams...

  4. I guess i mean how the words flow together when u speak. It's different from pronouncing words in a British manner. I just find it hard to believe that someone who's never lived in the UK would have the "stereotypical" British accent.

  5. my mum is an english teacher, you damn better pronounce words like the english..or else.
    yeah, many nigerians i know do have a british accent.

  6. I disagree it's a British accent. Pronouncing ur words like the british does not equal a British accent. It just means u are pronouncing ur words like the british. By accent, i mean speech pattern, the way ur words flow together. I pronounce a lot of words the American way, doesn't mean i have an american accent. Get what i mean?


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