Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Female friends

I really would like female friends that are around my age and live in the same place i do. Lived in GA for 7yrs, left with not ONE single close female friend. I admit i withdrew and didn't want to make friends after what happened in 2005, but i want friends now. People always assume i have girlfriends esp guys and it makes me feel bad cos i don't. I don't want a whole posse, but one or two would be nice.

So my friend in naija introduced me to this girl in GA cos he thot i was still there. Come to find out she went to my alma mater and worked in the same building in school as i did. She looks so familiar (facebook pictures). We tentatively said we would meet up when i come home for Christmas. I would like to but have no idea where to go with her since i don't know her and have absolutely no experience making female friends. A guy is different cos there's always that little something extra going on. I know bloggers meet up all the time, so u guys need to help me out. I'm tired of not having female friends. Do i smell a new yr resolution coming up?

BTW, i hate this empty feeling i have these day. Loneliness is a bitch. I hate the word too, smells weak.


  1. well, i came here to check out the comments, so that i cud pick up a few tips for myself.

    alas, no comment. tbh, i think its safe to start by checking aka stalking some info on this babe's fb profile and look for some mutual interests and start from there.

    christmas season will always have events, if u think u will run out of things to say. u can go to an event together and run the course with the event's subject

  2. Yinkus, what of the initial meeting? It's just weird. Maybe i should ask her to invite her other girlfriends and we could go out to dinner.

  3. yes, you could that but then i think they will be distracting. but whatever flows ur river, u know. for me, i like to meet pple one on one, for the first time at least or go somewhere chill with them.

    cos her will prolly have stuff to discuss about and u may not fit in right away.

    hey, ask GNG, i think she is becoming a pro at this matchmaking biz, she may have some tips for some girl-to-girl meet-up.


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