Friday, November 27, 2009

I am traumatized

and deeply disturbed. I also need to stop typing on my computer with dirty fingers, but that's another issue. Went to dinner yesterday and someone took a picture of me, which i saw on facebook. Oh my dear, merciful God. I am FAT!!!!! No joke. I was 158lbs last friday, yesterday morning i was 163lb and i was wondering how or why that happened. Apparently i gained the 5lbs all on my face. Needless to say, i untagged myself from those pictures, sharp sharp.

I am seriously bothered by this whole weight thing. I don't want to join the masses of Americans who are struggling with weight, i just want it to be over. Anything over 150lbs makes me officially overweight and i have been struggling with 163lb since April this year. I've had someone make a comment on facebook "Madam na u be this, u still fine but u need to lose weight". A couple of days ago, my friend was talking about the picture i put up yesterday (it's my facebook profile picture. I took it last week after i had been up all night studying and needed to cheer myself up). He was like, what do u do besides studying? I said nothing, just study. He said, well, u need to start working out cos u r chubby. When i wasn't talking to him after that, he said "Are u mad cos i said u r chubby? It's the truth now, but u know i still love u anyway". God, i don suffer sha!

I feel like not just eating anymore. I can't even do that cos i know it's a stupid idea and secondly my Gastritis won't let me. I am frustrated o! Frustrated!

On to other non related news - SSD is giving away Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman by Ogo Ogbata. I must win something for once in my life o!

I'm going to take my early evening nap. I have a headache. I don tire for Biochem but activated oxygen, i must finish u today.


  1. do the whole vegetable feeding thing, and if you eat junk while you study you should stop that too, register at the gym and you dont have to go everyday, you can just pick two days of the week and stick to it, and lose just enough to make you feel good about yourself and help you maintain a healthy self.

  2. Thanks Leggy. Plan to start exercising again over the christmas break and continue when i come back. I hate vegetables but i started eating them since i moved here. I'll keep trying cos i refuse to exist in this body any longer.

  3. I agree that you have to do what you have to do to be healthy but don't get stuck up on weight please. Take care...

  4. really like your blogs (even this one) they are totally relatable, i have the same issue. veggie, fruit, and whole grain foods, junk food is a no no, (seein as ure a med student time for the gym might not be too ez to come by) the chubby comment: ive gotten loads too, someone even asked me "ah ah what happened to you now?" like i had gotten one disease or something, i was traumatized then,lol

  5. As a med student going to the gym would be hard so here is plan B. Start a food dairy; it will accomplish two things- one you watch what you eat and two, it makes you more aware of how much you are actually eating. Keep a calorie count of everything you eat no matter what it is...then find your BMR and eat at that rate. Mine is about 1600 calories a day. If I eat at that rate, I won't gain weight. If I eat less, then I lose weight. Simple math. it works for me EVERYTIME. I use to keep my food dairy and calorie count what I eat for me. It is an awesome site. Just fill in the food you ate for the day at night or plan your meals for the next day.


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