Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm bored

BTW, even if my archives don't indicate this, this is my 201th post. Most of my posts are saved as drafts these days. Interesting. This is my 4th blog, been blogging since Jan 23rd 2007. It's about to be 3 yrs. Hmmm.... i can't believe i'm becoming an oldie on blogsville.

Anyhoodle, i'm bored of studying. Not tired, just bored. Wish i could in all good conscience do something else, like watch a movie on youtube or read blogs. I really can't cos i'm way behind in Anatomy and Biochem, already. Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday but i know pple are taking off this weekend. I'm going be here o! Hopefully i can get some decent studying done while relaxing a little bit. I'm excited for that.

This adjustment period has been tough on me. Finding what works is a bitch. For Block 1 and 2, i spent all day, everyday in school, locked up in some nerd room somewhere. Based on my grades, it wasn't very productive. I don't remember making a conscious decision to start studying at home, but after not doing so well even with all that work, the last place i wanted to be was in one of those rooms. I developed a negative association for those nerd rooms. Being there just increased my stress levels. I like studying at home so far. It's very convenient. I use my white board in my kitchen and say stuff aloud, less distraction from gisting also. Only downside i can see is that i don't get to see pple and i might be isolating myself. I'm ready to pay that price for good grades cos the ones i have been getting have been nothing to write home about.

After all that long story i just told u guys, i'm still bored and i still have to go finish reading Human development. Who cares how the urinary system developed? I don't! Mschewww......

P.S On a serious note, i'm scared of getting depressed (again). That tends to happen when i'm stressed and by myself for too long. I'm looking for ways to stay happy. Tips, suggestion etc etc are welcome.

P.P. S. You guys need to go comment on my last post o! I need to be aware of all the qualities i can possibly ask for from a guy. I like the question someone asked about what do i have to offer a guy. It's a good question. I think we should be able to match what we are asking for.

P.P.P.S. Does tribe matter? I know some pple or their parents don't like someone that's not from their tribe. My case is different. My mom has forbidden me to bring someone from my tribe. Ever since i was little, that has been the song she has been singing. My sister married someone from our tribe, didn't turn out so well, now it's a case of "I told you so" Thing is, i am not sure if he was the way he was cos of his tribe or if he would have been that way anyway regardless of what tribe he was from. I mean, he didn't change AFTER they married, the blatant signs were there all along. So was he a crappy person cos of his tribe or was he just a crappy person, period.

P.P.P.P.S The guy i like is from my tribe :(

Told Mom, she straight up said NO. Her words after that were "I refuse to go down that journey again". She is not the same tribe as my dad, by the way. So now she has my dad and her ex son-in-law as examples to prove that she was right all along. SaD!!!!!!!!!

Wetin pesin go do? Not sure at the moment.


  1. This is strange... the tribe thing.

    My dear, u say you want tips...I hope I can help but my list is in no particular order

    1. Sane shopping ie buying what you really need or something to spoil urself a little

    2. Get yourself some very good movies to watch...encouraging and inspirirng movies

    3. Talk to someone about how you really feel. Let is all out cos depression is not a funny thing at all

    4. Cry when you need to (another way of letting things out) and talk to God

    5. Take a small break and be around loved ones for a while.

  2. Wow three years...
    that is a lot of years.

  3. Rita has given great tips. I'll add a couple more. Read the kinds of books you enjoy and write it out. Take care and all the best with the studies.

  4. I thought u were a guy sting.. But now i discover u are a female lol.

  5. LOL..... but it says on my profile that i'm female, Azazel.

  6. so good to find your blog again after all this time. your mom is funny about the whole tribe issue. doesn't she realize it's the person and not where they're from that dictates how they'll behave? oh well. good luck my dear. the only advice i can give is prayer. put it in prayer, like me with my boo (he's american and i knew him way back when and my mom didn't like him them, so praying that she'll change her mind almost 20yrs later). so good to find you again. take care of yourself and good luck with school and life in general.

  7. the tribe thingy is in most parents usu want their children to marry from the same tribe

  8. Depression will not touch you this year, sting (or next). I think you should use us (blogville) as a form of therapy. We have a lot of doctors on blogville who have gone through what you are going through and who I'm sure would be happy to offer you some practical advice.

    And if you ever want to talk or want an e-hug, I'm sooooo there for you. So talk to us, keep us in the loop and you'll make it. I think communication is crucial to keeping depression at bay!

    Regarding tribes: I'd like to believe that just because a guy has a certain background, that doesn't mean he's doomed to be one way or another. It's far more important to look for signs, regardless of the guy's background. God knows that guys from another tribe won't automatically be better. If, like you said, it was apparent that your sister was hooking up with a dodgy fellow, I think that shows the importance of looking at the actions of the guy first and foremost.

  9. Sting: as for studying...make a studying plan. Focus on issue, chapter, topic at a time and give it all your energy, then move on to the next. I had to learn that the hard way.

    For Stress: TAKE TIME OUT. There is nothing that beats stress like hitting ctrl-alt-del. It works. spend a whole day or half a day doing absolutely nothing. Stay in bed, watch mindless tv, nap, eat, go through picture albums...whatever takes you mind away. Or turn off all electronics and listen to classical music in a quiet cool, comfy room.

    As for depression: what would you like to do that you have been putting off for while. Watching a favorite movie? Buying a new pair of shoes? Figure it out and then do it.

    For tribe: I can't believe I am saying this but in this case, dont listen to your mum. Follow your instincts and marry someone you think is right for you.

    My 90 cents to a dollar.

  10. Everyone so far seems to have said it all!

    Dont let the stress get to you, if you find out its building up, take a break, one break every week never killed anyone!

    Remember many have come down the road you are on and many more will come after you, its a journey that can be made, it is not impossible no matter how badly people paint the picture.

    I had a verse I held on to through med school (Im a xtian and it helped me greatly) Psalm 16v6 The boundary lines have fallen unto me in pleasant places indeed I have a delightful heritage and I took it to mean that no matter how the lines were drawn I would always make it through.

    This journey through med school is just a phase that will soon pass,there are greater challenges out there! And you will make it through!

    Hope I havent bored you! Ill be happy to be a listening ear if you want!


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