Thursday, September 11, 2008


Current mood: Depressed/freaking stressed!

Added stress: I have no idea how to be close to my mother or even have a "normal" relationship with her. Makes me very sad(she has nothing to do with the previous post)

MCAT: Hmmm... that shit whooped my ass.
Chance at an American med. school 20-80. Caribbean Islands here i come (maybe!)

I feel deflated, apprehensive, no desire to do anything!
Keeping hope alive.

My dog is a heaven sent saint. He will therefore be known as St. Lenie. (just kidding).


  1. is it ur first crack @ d MCAT's? if it is, dnt be too down abt it cos most ppl take it at least twice...

    Added stress :mom? Pray abt it...and find common ground with her...hope it works..

    YEAH! keep hope alive...u'll be fine...u seem like a strong lady...


  2. don't give up on american med schools yet. even with a low MCAT score if you write a fab personal statement and turn in your applications EARLY, you still stand a good chance :) how bad are we talking?

    your mom, it'll fall into place with time, trust me!

  3. My sista, sorry about the MCATs but calm down and keep your head up. There is always another day.

    Ah, t04051 is still on blogville eh? Have you opened a blog yet? where is it? See ya!


  4. hey. keep moving...we all love yov and remember Gods Love

  5. Oh girl take heart. Things will get better.

  6. I'm happy you are keeping hope will get much better...

    God can teach you how to be close to your mother...ask Him to show you will be amazed at His answers and the results...

    I asked Him for help concerning improving my relationship with my father...i didn't quite like His answer - He wanted me to make the first move. I tried reluctantly so did not get the best results. By the time I was ready to listen to Him, it was too late...

  7. Don't worry everything will be fine. Just take it easy. Let the problem be for some time then take another fresh look at it. Worrying about it won't make it disappear o, you will simply get more depressed. For your mum, the relationship will improve soon you will see. All the best

  8. My darling, dear Sting, please don't be depressed u hear.
    Take things easy, try not to worry yourself too much.
    Sorry bout the MCATs, but you can always try again dear.
    As for your mum, like bumight said, give it time, it will come together eventually.

    Also, don't forget to talk to God about everything, He really does listen ya know.

    P.S Lenie looks so much better now!

  9. Lmao @ st Lenie…actually a great name…think about it some more…

    As for MCAT…we win some we loose some, the idea is to keep trying…as for the relationship with ur mum, maybe you should quit trying and just start telling her things gradually…you will get there…I remember the first time I willingly hugged my dad as an adult…

  10. in naija...most relationships peeps have with at least one of their folks is strained....but with time u guys learn to find a common ground...i do believe that deep down she loves u very much which is the most important thing...just try not to let her get to u.....look at it this way.......d devil u know.

  11. Hey sweetie please don't take things to heart so much...sometimes things happen for a reason..although its hard to see when ur in the situation.

    About your can take it again to have another stab at med school, don't give up.

    As for your mum, maybe try with her taking small steps, am sure she wants to be close to you too.

    Hugs x

  12. Sorry love. I'm sure all hope is not lost concerning an American med school. Concerning everything, mom, just pray, it get's better. Listen to (
    And pray a lil' more.

  13. Plus, you know you can take a second stab at the MCATs yeah?

  14. MCAT, MCAT, MCAT!!! Don't let it faze you. Set your mind and go for it again, reach higher.
    As for your mum, anyway you can, mend that bridge. You can start slow, a phone call every now and then to just say hello is a good start. It will take time but mend that bridge.
    Your dog cute small o. Well, sha you be lady so you're allowed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for pitbulls but I just don't see myself with a fluffy animal like that. Call him fluffy joo.

  15. Pele, ndo, sting darling.

    I'm sorry you and MCAT did your enjoy yourselves. Let's wait until the results come in. And can't you write them again if you want to go to an American school? Please don't be so sad!

    I'm glad you have your adorable puppy to cheer you up—what's his name already jare?

  16. Awww. Sorry darling. Don't worry, it's not the end of the world.

  17. this too shall pass!!!!!!!!!!

    dog IS cute!!!!!!!!!

  18. R u planning on re-taking the MCAT. You can work at getting a better score in the second trial. You'll be fine...(I've been there...MCAT sturvs, which is why I'm saying you can take it again). :)

  19. on ur mum..talkin to her about it shud help..mothers r like the best beings, i really want u to enjoy the benefits of being close to one!

    on the people have said, u cud always try again, most people dont make it once..dont give up just yet!

    keep keepin hope alive, pls!

    ur dog is the cutest thing!

  20. geisha's dropping a comment especially for you..
    that should cheer you up, yes?

    ps:you can name ur pup geisha! it's ok, i give my blessing :)

    pps:exams can be re-taken; and relationships can be built/mended as long as both people still breathe.


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