Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm excited

I'M SO EXCITED. I got a little doggie. I've been looking for a dog since last yr when i graduated. I wanted a toy dog, anything cute and fluffy, no chihuahua's for this chica. I've been going to craigslist faithfully ever since my sister got a Bichon frise for free off there, but so far no luck. All those rescue groups want an arm and a leg. They insist all the people who live in the house has to go for the adoption. My mom's not going to follow me to go get no dog! After i got this new job, i had kinda given up hope of getting a dog, although i still go on rescue websites just to look at the cute doggies. Last night, i decided to go on petfinder just to look at dogs, and i saw a Lhasa Apso/Yorkie mix in an animal control that's 5 mins away from my house. I also saw another Lhasa Apso mix that is cream colored all over.

So i call the animal control around noon from work and they say both dogs are available, but the first one (Yorkie-Apso) is sick, but i can pre-adopt him. I go over to the pound, see the Lhasa Apso mix first who is as cute as a button, although i wasn't feeling his loud bark. Then i ask to see the Yorkie-Apso and i decide i want the Lhasa Apso mix, but UNFORTUNATELY, the gayish dude who was standing there when i got there also wanted that dog. I was bombed. So i decided to take a second look at the Yorkie-Apso that caught my eye in the first place. I spent some time with him and decided that he was THE ONE. I didn't hear one bark, and i asked if he was yappy and the lady said she hadnt noticed it since he had been there. He was so friendly and not scary at all. As much as i love dogs, check this out...... I'm scared of them. I was chased and bitten by a dog when i was 17, so u can imagine why i would be scared. But i still love them anyway.

I paid for him and all that good stuff, but i didn't get to take him home cos he is still sick and he needs to see the vet to get checked out and neutered before i can come get him. I'm still excited though, cos i've been wanting this 4ever. Besides, i only paid $87 and those dogs usually cost about $300-$500 as puppies.

I have no idea what i'm going to call him. My last dog which i had for just 6 weeks in 2005 was called Bailey. So here's where u wonderfulous bloggers have to help me. Suggest a name for my dog, but please no Bingo, or rocky or any over used dog name. We need to act like celebrities and name our dog Apple and Zuma and what not . The only name i can think of right now is Tic-tic, but i don't like it that much. All suggestions are highly welcome and appreciated.

Oh, and there will definitely be pictures of my doggie as soon as i get him and he looks presentable. He was all skin and bones today. I'm so sick right now, but i bet u can't tell cos of my excitement.

UPDATE: I got some of his pictures off petfinder. I know he looks like a winch (witch) in the pictures but he didn't look like this when i saw him today cos he had been groomed and practically all his hair was shaved off.

GNG, oya pick a name. You have seen pictures.


  1. I'm excited for u, and admire your courage. owning a dog in america is no mean feat. I love love dogs, but cant go through the stress of it here. no wonder ur address is iheartbailey. same bailey?

  2. thats bold o. all the best with your dog. I don't know if I can handle, them, cos it's not like you can just wear diapers for them, and I like kisses, but from human beings normally.

  3. @bumtight: First of all, i have noticed ur slick name change. So u have a tight bum?! Kudos, it's not easy.Yep, it's the same Bailey. Miss him like crazy even after 3yrs.

    @archiwz: Where's your "proper" comment?

    @isha: I like human kisses too, but dogs give u conditional love and i love that.

    None of u have suggested a name for my dog!!!!!!!

  4. Congrats on your doggie! I'll need to see a pic of your snookums before I can decide on a possible name for him.

    Now I know where your blogname came from!

  5. Awww...that's nice that you're adopting a little doggie. I'm not fond of animals but the little dogs are cute to look at and play with. Hope he gets well very quickly...

    As per names...Hmmm...Curly wouldn't be a "manly" name abi? How about a Naija name? LOL...I know but hey...exotic is the way to go these days abi? Speaking of exotic...kukuma give him a Grecian name...Papadopolous or something like that...Or even Santiago...Hmmm...I like Santiago, but you choose.

  6. My suggestions:






  7. @GNG: Thanks, i'll put a picture up as soon as i get him. Till then, he'll be the dog who shall remain nameless.

    @archiwz: papadopoulous kini? I don't mind a naija name. In fact, i have even thot of one, Ego... i'm all about money u know!

    Vera: Take ur time oh! Why u dey find my trouble. Wetin be this? You wan kill me with laugh. Did i tell u the dog is an agbero?

  8. OOoooh.. name him Bakura ...after my ex. Everyone knows he's a dog. But I'm sure your little doggie is a much nice person. Not so?

  9. Sugabelly: That actually made me laugh. You r too much!

  10. lol @ Abubakar and Ikechukwu.

    How about...
    -Kitty( yes i know he is a boy but its cute)


    -or Mr. Ibu

  11. he is soooocute! i like fluffy...

    tic-tic is good too but doesnt really sound like a dogs name...

    lol@ Sugar belly's Bakura!

  12. heya, the dog is cute. I hate dogs and all animals but enjoy! As per his (or is it a she?) name is suggest Conny.

  13. This dog is sooooo cute and fluffy...Am sure you're going to have fun with him.

    Eh ya, what happened to Bailey? Sorry oh!

  14. pick anyone of these..
    zuma, after zuma rock
    tuface or
    reli i think zuma is nice...

  15. Nigerican: Help me laugh oh! Vera will not kill me. You too... which one be Mr. Ibu? All i can think of with that name is the man that acted the naija movie, Mr. Ibu.

    Toluwa lase: Yeah, i agree. Tic tic doesn't sound like a dogs name. I like fluffy too.

    doll: You think the dog is cute? Well, from those pictures he's not that cute, but like me u can see the potential cuteness. He's a boy and conny sounds feminine. We don't want pple to think my dog is a sissy, or he could be transgendered sef. Nothing do the name.

    Rita: Thanks, i hope i have fun with him too. Bailey was a victim my inexperience. I have so much guilt over that dog, it's even funny.

    Simeone: Please don't kill me with laughter. Zuma after zuma rock. my brother will not let me hear the last of it. Although now that u mentioned it, i have put 9ice on the list.

  16. the dog is IKECHUKWU!

    ikechukwu want to eat a boone
    ikechukwu want a doggie bone
    ikechukwu want a bitch for a friend
    ikechukwu wants to sleep on the bed

    ikechukwu is not such a bad name lol.

    okay tuface nko? I mean the guy has 5kids in less than 4 years (and dat na d one dem born o!)

  17. ha! now i know why ur addy is i heart bailey!
    lol.. i love dogs too.. umm names..
    u didnt tell us girl or boy..male or female pardon
    cassie, betty, brownie

    cross, louis, sanchez..etc lol

    u cud name it brian after the dog in family guy. cool

  18. Hmmm, as it looks liek the dog has a mustache, how about MUSTY?

    If you want naija name, let me know and I'll be glad to suggest something.
    How does "salubata" sound???

  19. mehn am feeling totally bombed with words o...





  20. Girl, I applaud you either way. I look at cute pets the same way I currently look at little kids: They're all cute and fun to play with, but I don't want to have to think about feeding or grooming them!! So more power to you!

  21. hope you get better soonish.

    havent loved one enough to care for since my first dog husky died.i just love to stare at them all cute.
    moms got two now...venus and some other greek name i cant remember.

    unfortunately you've dissed the perfect name i would have suggested to you. good ol' bingo. lol

  22. Eh ya, if u hadnt bought one already i would have sent you one of my little rothweilers. Cute things.

    For a name, what do u think of Last Kobo or Kobo?

    After all na ur last kobo u take buy am,lol!

  23. wow...WOW! this is ma first tym here n I must confess ur blog looks so "happy" n colorful,I had a hard tym findin where to click on to said that,i love your blog...I think i can find u in ur blog..ur blog really reveals to me d kinda person u r....I've read quite a numba of ur post n i lov d fact u lov pidgin times i try2communicate in english so pple dont think im too used2waffi u got a new dog but me I like dem ruttweillers n tigers LUV DIS PLACE!

  24. Okay...U no like Papadopolous...I give you Santiago (which is a very sexy name BTW)....Or what about Okechukwu? Zuma isn't bad either...If someone asks you what your dog's name means you can say its for the biggest (abi, is it?) rock in Nigeria...

    Ok, in the rock him ABEOKUTA!!! U no like dat one?

  25. Badderchic: Why..... my dog no be ibo oh! Even if na ibo, i'm sure there are come cute ibo names that i can call him. Ikechukwu will not cut it oh!

    Zara: It's a boy. Everyone loves Family guy but me, so i don't know about Brian. Have u ever met a dog named sanchez. I'm actaully cracking up just thinking about it. Pls abeg, u guys are killing me.

    Invisible: U wan out me for trouble. Musty is my friend's fiance's name. She will kill me if i dare try that. As for salubata, i'm speechless. Wetin be that? But i'll take u up on ur offer on other naija names. I'm interested in that.

    ChaRI... If i had any doubts, now i know for sure say DEM send u come. Three of my first cousins names are sule. U wan put me for trouble. We'll just ignore saibu...How i want take dey call the dog?

    Onydchic: I feel u on that completely. When i first had Bailey, it felt like i had a baby, and it wasn'f fun at all. I think i'm ready for this one.

    Fantasy Queen: I love u!!!! Na only u ask about my health for that u deserve a prize. See me tomorrow and we'll go over the details in my office. I'll 4give u for even thinking of suggesting Bingo. In fact, that's ur prize.

    Princesa: LOL, u pple will not kill me in blogville. I wan die for laugh. Last Kobo or Kobo. Chei... i have no words.

    Wellsbaba: Welcome my waffi brother. I'm glad u are loving this space.

    Archiwz: Why u dey do me like this now? Wetin i do u? Abeokuta?!!!! Okay, i will now be calling him abe for short? LOL. God!!! I'm dying.

  26. Omo Sting,

    I don tey ooh! how bodi nah!

    awww! I 've bn wanting a dog after I came back from my holiday, my friend has 3, gernam shephard, a chihuahua and a cocker spaniel, I feel in love

    How bout


    He loks like a dex, and a bruno,

  27. Awwwww...congrats! Welcome to the world of TRAINING!!! LOLLL...I have a doberman so I know...he he...

    Welcome to the world of pooping and peeing...(and picking up the POOP). The licking and playfully biting...aww...they're so cute, but can be naughty!

  28. Ibelieve salubata is what they call those mobile shoemakers in naija (yoruba side). I believe, l'm not sure. I'll work on a new name. Why is Bingo outlawed now?

  29. Ok...We'll call him:

    1. Viper (As a figure of speech)


    2. Whisper (Since he does not bark)

    Or...:) Chukwugoziem...:D....

  30. Tic tic koo, tic tac ni! You see dog, you want to invite tick, u neva serious.
    Goodluck with caring for a pet sha, as cute as they are, i can't really cope right now.
    And d dog still resemble winch small for d picture. How about fragle?

  31. Zena: I dey oh! Where have u been hiding? Dex...maybe, but Bruno?! Why now ah ah! Una don turn my dog to agbero finish.

    invisible: I don't blame archiwz, she's the one who suggested that shoemaker name for my ajebo dog. So r u telling me u would have suggested Bingo for that cute doggie? Hmm... thank God i saw the future and banned it.

    archiwz: LOL @ chukwugoziem. That was unexpected but knowing u i should have seen it coming. I read "whispers" and i'm thinking now she's talking only for me to see Chukwugoziem. My own done finish for ur hand today.

    mizchif: I don't blame u.... but to be honest, that's what i thot too.I was like it would sound like tick, so we r together on that one. And yes, the dog resemble winch for the picture, but that one na b4 picture. Hopefully the after picture would be cute. U know no say the dog na fine boy no pimples, na sufferhead dey worry am for that picture.

  32. How about Bailey, in honour of your old dog. or 'bondie' - sounds like a cute dog who's always on the look out.

  33. This babe, you're ungrateful oh. Look @ the beaurriful, sexy names I gave you and you didn't like em? Okay, here r some more.








    ...somebori stop me. I'm on a roll!

  34. Standtall sounds good too...given the way you found him. It'd be quite meaningful to give him that name and with that...a new lease of life.

  35. How about SHUBBY-DOO! Best name you can give a dog. Besides, the blogger will be very happy you have named your dog after her.

    Dont mind me ojare. When I read the first line and it said you got a doggie it was something else that came to my mind at first.

  36. lol...I jst found out u r thou only realised ur simplicity!thanx 4 4givin

  37. Now you no come like Whisper or Whispers...U r too demanding ohh... I'm using my creative juices to find name for your nkita....You no even dey pay me sef. I don tire...

    LOL @ Vera...Aloysius ke? U wan make pesin curse the dog?

  38. Aww...he's (am assuming?) a cutie. Reminds me of the shaggy dog we had back then in Nigeria. Very adorable. I think you should name hin Cruz!

  39. Aww,he's adorable! He looks so much like my friend's Morkie (Yorkie + Maltese) named Mollie.

    Hmm, I can't see him with an actual Nigerian name of a person, but perhaps a nickname based on a Nigerian name, or what about a character trait or something, in the Nigerian language of your choice, you know, something like "troublemaker" in Yoruba (Onijugbon) (spelled wrong no doubt) or "cutie", "joyful", "playful", etc. Then again, you may not want his name to be a self-fulfilling prophecy!

    What's his personality like so far?

  40. He is ADORABLE! Good for you for adopting from the shelter, though people say they are not "pure breed" but who cares, they need a good home.
    I have three cats I adopted from the shelter as well, never been a cat person but I couldnt just leave them there. lol

  41. awwww...i want a dog too but pets arent allowed in my complex..hisssssssssss!!

    lol @ the names!


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