Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mini update

THANKS A BUNCH, BLOGVILLE. You guys did a lot helping me pick a name for my dog (which i still haven't picked btw). I went to pick him up yesterday and they asked me what his name was, and all the names that u guys suggested just ran through my head and i couldn't even open my mouth. The one that stands out most is Abeokuta, suggested by Archiwz. You guys are freaking hilarious. Apparently from the picture my dog looks like an ibo, area boy/agbero. No problem, God dey! So i just told the lady i didn't have a name for him yet. When i took him to the groomers, they also asked for his name, i said Marley (after Bob Marley). I don't really like Marley, so i'm thinking of calling him Leo. I actually like Rio better, but that's the name of my friend's rabbit.

He's a really good dog so far, very friendly. The dude who groomed him said i got a really good dog, maybe cos he didn't fuss while he was being groomed. He asked me if i had kids cos he thot the dog would be very good with kids. So that's the update on my dog. I still don't have a name, but i appreciate all the suggestions. No more, I refuse! You guys are wonderful sha. I had plenty laughs out of that post and i wasn't expecting that.

Meanwhile, they are pissing me off with their nonsense scheduling at my hospital job. So when i turned in my availability for Sept i put that i was available all day sat and sun, and Thursday and Friday nights. What did this woman do? She put me to work 16hrs on all the Sundays of the month and only put me to work on 2 Saturdays for 8hrs. I didn't get any Thursday or Friday night. Even though i said i was available all day that didn't mean i wanted to work ALL DAY (7am - 11.30pm). I'm not happy about that, but i'm sucking it up cos i need the money. Now i see what the Ghanaian guy was telling me regarding the politics of scheduling and assigning pple where to work. So far, i haven't gotten to work in the "easy" units, which are Adolescents and Substance abuses. Instead, i've been put with the real mental patients and this is the most dangerous group of pple. No one wants to work there, so they assign those units to pple like me.

Guys, becos i love u guys, i'm going to put on this link so u can feast ur eyes and have a good laugh or wow..... Feast ur eyes here


  1. abeokuta's very original... think about it :P

  2. Abeokuta is unique but too long. How abt Max?

  3. Leo sounds good. About your scheduling, is it possible to have a word with the woman about spreading your shifts out a bit the next time round? With your best smile, she might just oblige:-)

  4. Ohhh, Abeokuta is good. It will give the oyinbos a hard time pronouncing it. Yes, Abeokuta!!!

  5. abeokutas not bad, you could shorten it to kuta or abeo...or go with plain ol' bingo. lol

    i'm sure u'll soon b moved to d more 'hip' wars(drugis et co) till then lets hope no nut case will fall in love with u.

  6. dont worry. they think they are suffering you putting you in that place to work your ass out. but worry not. God will use you in that place to do something awesome and surprise them.

  7. I've heard a lot of conc Naija names for dogs, like Abdullahi and Adebowale.
    But really tho, names like Coco, and theodore are worn out. Too bougie.

  8. lmao @ abeokuta...quite original! the link was hilarious..actually added her to my blog roll...

  9. Abeokuta?

    I went to dig around for these names mehn u have world class originality so no lawsuits on dog name theft
    Try these:




  10. if those names dont work then dont bother naming the dog...jus call it hacee!!

  11. i say leo is good
    thats my sign
    dogs are cute
    well some of them nyway
    too bad about that horrible schedule

  12. Hmm... How about Napoleon? Sounds very powerful doesn't it.

    Meanwhile, are you interested in taking part in the pick-up line competition taking place on, You could win $20:00.

  13. VOGUE CUD BE A GD NAME....although abeokuta....just KILLS IT!!BUHAHAHAH,.....HEY HW BOUT igwe!!!!!!!!!(as in king in ibo) ..lololool!!!!!!!!!BETTA STILL cocoa cobana(thats wot i call my u cud just take only the COBANA...
    p.s: LMAO at the link u provided..shiiiiiiiiiiii....I FEEL BAD FOR THOSE PEOPLE MEHNN!!!!!!!! HARSH!!!!!!!!!BUT THE DUDES..going to the CLUB!!!!!!!! WIV GUCCI luggage......UNFORGIVEABLE!!!!!!!

  14. all this hullabaloo abt naming a dog?
    name him

  15. abeokuta..hahahahahahahahahaha! archiwiz u deserve a medal!

    eeya, sorry bout work o...God dey!

    i followed that link..LMAO!!!!!!!!

  16. Abeokuta in heavens name did she come up with that name????

    better to name it oshodi sef..

    work politics..hmmm tough,you got to speak up once in a while...loving that link...

  17. re: your disappearing post;
    are you ok?

  18. ehn ehn I'm back make I hit u!,leo sounds good but do'nt use it cos its one of ma biz partners name?!
    but I think abeokuta takes it,dats novel,wud neva tink of some sorta name,use it!

  19. lol!
    why not just call the dog "AJA", yoruba for dog?

    Marley isnt half bad. and i think ur dog is really cute!

    this job of yours scares me no end! gotta keep praying for ur safety!


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