Monday, September 1, 2008

What a day

I had a long ass day at work yesterday. I worked from 3pm to 7.30am, yep.... 16hrs. It was quite an eventful day. A day of many firsts. So i was scheduled to work from 3pm to 11.30am. As soon as i get to the nursing station, the scheduler asked me if i was willing to do a double cos they needed someone to do a 1:1 with a patient, meaning the patient had to be watched one on one at all times. I said sure. As soon as i said that, i saw this lady run full speed and try to burst through the door. These doors are thick, trust me a 200lb man would have a hard time breaking through those doors, but she did it. Everyone rushed her and brought her to the floor. She was put in full body restraint and taken to the lock room. Yes, that was who i was supposed to be doing a 1:1 with. Me! Fear catch me. Remain small, i for back out.

I was the only staff member who had stood back when they rushed her after she rammed the door. Abeg, i just dey come work, i no fit wound. Anyway, finally we had to put her on BCR, i have no idea what those stand for, but it's when the patient is strapped down, arms and feet to a bed. Someone has to sit with her at all times, offer her water, make sure the straps are not tight and all that good stuff. So there we are in the BCR room, she drank some water lay back, she told me she was cold so i covered her with a blanket. After about 5 mins she takes the blanket and covers her face with it. I'm looking at her wondering if she can breath, cos i can never breath if my whole head is covered. As i'm watching her respiration, the next thing i see, she starts shaking. I had never seen someone having a seizure before so that didn't cross my mind. I ran to the bed, called her name, for where, she no answer. So i ran to the closest nursing station and called for help. To cut a long story short, this lady had 3 more seizures and was even turning blue, blood pressure was freaking low. I think say person wan die for my very before. Everyone rallied, they called a code and called the paramedics. Since she was on 1013, which means involuntary commitment, someone had to go with her to the hospital. Guess who got to go? Smart people! Me of course. Crap! Before i say Jack Robinson, them don volunteer me.

So, for the first time i got to ride in an ambulance without being a patient. Thank heavens. That damn ambulance was freezing. It took forever to see the doctor. Then i saw a nurse who at first glance i thot was a woman cos she had full blown make up. Foundation and all that good stuff, including the green eye shadow which was what caught my attention. On second glance, i noticed this woman was breastless. She had dreads, which were elaborately styled and packed with some nice adornments. On third and fourth glance, i was throughly confused. On fifth glance, I saw she was a man! That was a first. I didn't know they could be that way to work. He later came into the room so i got a good look. He had a made up mole on his face, beautifully done flawless make up, his charm bracelets (three) were cute but kinda gaudy. It was an interesting first. Very interesting. I love his confidence though cos he has to know people would look at him cos of it, but i loved it.

Oh....... i saw a policeman that thot i was cute. Dude was just checking me out and smiling sheepishly. I said hey and walked by him and he just kept on staring and smiling at the same time. I had to walk by him to go to the rest room which you had to turn a corner to get to. As soon as i turned the corner, he yelled don't go in there!!! I was so startled. He apologized for startling me and then proceeded to tell me in his sexy baritone that the toilet was filthy. I was standing right in front of the toilet and it looked looked very clean to me. He then proceeded to direct me to two other toilets and told me never to use that one. Then he walked me to the toilet. Jesus! How embarrassing is that. I mean, he was cute but that whole conversation..... i would have preferred not to have it. Next time, just ask for my number or say hi and keep it moving. I don't want to be having unsolicited toilet conversation with a cute guy abeg.

5 hours after getting to the hospital which was FREEZING by the way, we were finally ready to go back to our mental hospital. Oya, ambulance transport us back..... out in the hall way where we were waiting to get transported, oh girl don start to dey get seizures again. She had two more seizures, so we ended up spending another 4 long hours in the hospital. It was an experience, but i'm glad i had it.

The hardest part was having to stay up all night. I had never worked night shift before, but i drank me some lemon flavored pepsi (i didn't even know it was lemon flavored until i looked at the bottle after drinking it. I no taste any lemon), got my caffiene fix and was good to go until 5am. Then it got bloody cos i was fighting sleep so bad. So i just started doodling on my note pad, then got up to help with vital signs, b4 i knew it, it was 7.30am and time for me to hit the road. I drove the 25 minutes to my house oh, right when i was about to turn into my street was when i dosed off. Can u imagine. Luckily it was a 2sec doze so i was fine.

So i got to ride in an ambulance for the first time, witnessed a patient crashing for the first time, saw a gay guy with full fledged make up at work for the first time and worked at night for the first time, had a conversation with a policeman about where and where not to pee in the ER. Now where's my award?! I DESERVE SOMETHING GODDAMMIT!!!!!

P.S. The policeman was very cute. I hate him!!!!


  1. Dang gal! You had one heck of a day oh. I no jealous you @ all. The most interesting part was the cute cop. Never flirted with a cop b4. Always feel like they'll arrest me. lol.

  2. By the way, where was Afrobabe when I landed 1st position?


    *I laugh in Igbo*

  3. COL!!! I'm happy for you o, u seem to be having a blast with ur kolo patients.

    Sorry abt the cute cop, but u shd've given him ur number or something, u never know.......

    Now about ur award, more like reward actually, is waiting for you in heaven, just like you offered me Jesus for my birthday!

    Thank God u dozed 4 only 2secs o, b4 d story 4 get k-leg.

  4. hmmm..the cute guy shld av been ur prize abi? i know! lol...

    used to work nights and sleep walk all the way home...not something i wld do again! good thing u were close to ur house and it was only 2secs...


  5. Ok, that's a crazy shift (uh, pun not intended)! I guess there must have been some adrenaline keeping you going o, that and the fact that you had someone you were watching over and sort of responsible for (because otherwise I bet I would have just fallen asleep). I hope this is the worst you have to deal with.

    Poor cop! I bet afterwards he was smacking himself for carrying on a conversation with a pretty lady about toilets!

  6. this is the first im hearing about lemon flavor pepsi, and im a soda addict, now im going to have to look for it and try it.

    wow you had a very busy day. I have been in the vicinity of a pt. crashing before but just never saw it with my own two eyes.

  7. na wa o. u too try! & after all these, u still have energy 2 blog?

  8. a big one there !
    congrats i wil say, u did fine, very fine

  9. do deserve something! something major and good *says a silent prayer for sting*

    the policeman thing was puzzling!!!

  10. lol...your episode with the cop just made me think of the video of song 'Outside' by George Michael...ewwww!!!

  11. What a day! You tried, you really deserve something. Hope you had a good rest afterwards...

  12. u definitely had an adventurous day! pele.

  13. Hmmm you hate the cute police? My translation "you love him" lol.

    Waht an exprience you had at work. I hope you wont fall sick...

    Parakeet blogged about men wanting to become sisi or something. The doctor u saw confirmed what she said. My own opinion is what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. But i nver knew they coudl let him wear it at work

  14. i've always viewed people who work with psych patients as very brave. kudos to you.
    you're lucky you didnt doze for more than a second, but even a second is enough time for a disaster to happen. try and avoid driving yourself after such a tiring shift.

    p.s, that cops, that cop....if i were you i'd have walked up to him and asked for his number(in my mind though. lol)

  15. wow, what a day!!!! But you should have asked the cop for his number. he was nervous which is why he talked about dirty toilets instead. lol!

    How cute.

    Hope all si well.

  16. pele o. only 3 days to the weekend!

    my day was boring as hell

  18. oh wow sting, u REALLY deserve some sort of award..i know i wudnt have survived that..i feel so soryy for the girl with the seizures..

    at least, the cop was a good distraction..heehee!

  19. Did you say 16hours??? You try o. They still make those lemon flavored crap? They never have enough caffeine for me. I need my good ol' coffee.
    As for that seizing patient, you for give am one hot slap. She'll know wassup quick quick. I know you won't listen to me except if you want to go to jail for abuse.

    I heard they keep the inside of those ambulances freezing, I guess that's true. We won't have cause to need their services by God's grace.


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