Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wetin now?

I dey vex seriously. What's up with all u bloggers out there that have word verification on ur comment section? Na punishment? I just want to write a comment and click send without having to strain my eyes to decipher nonsense letters. I think all u bloggers who have word verification should be seriously fined and all the money should go to me to compensate for my pain and suffering. Initially, it wasn't a lot of people that had it, now it's like an epidemic that has overtaken blogsville. I know they say it reduces spam comments, but make una talk true, how many of una don get spam comment b4? Abeg, i think this punishment needs to end soon.

And while we are on the subject of things that are vexing me on blogsville, come!, what's with the music on everyone's blog? First of all, person no fit sneak read blog for work without drawing attention to myself. As soon as page load, music go just dey blast for person ear. Secondly, i'm one of those people that cannot read and listen to music at the same time. Trust me. Listening to the music always wins over reading. My brain cannot handle those two tasks efficiently cos i enjoy both, and i need to give each undivided attention. Na blog i come read, no be music i come listen to abeg.

Lastly, what's with the pop up windows for comments? I am an amebo, and i want to click on the link of people who left interesting comments on other people's blogs so i can read their blogs. No oh! Those stupid pop up windows won't let u do that in peace. Instead it would open another tab in the already small pop up window. I don't know if it's cos i use firefox, but still, e dey vex me.

Alright, i feel so much better. No offense to anyone who is GUILTY of the above crimes. You all just need to contact me with regards to where to send ur fines to. I haven't set an amount yet, but i accept cash and kind. I am an equal opportunity collector. Nothing is too much!


  1. I can handle all of those things...for the most part...but the thing that drives me nuts is the

    Now I'll go and read the entry"

    comments that I see on blogs. Is there a prize for being the first to comment? Is it only the first comment that is read? Someone please explain that phenomenon. I just don't get it. Am I missing out on a very cool and hip blog trend?

    So, if you get rid of that for me I'll work on slaying all those people who have music, pop up windows and word verification on their blogs. Deal?

  2. @goodnaijagirl: I didn't get it at first. Not sure if i still do. I guess it helps to keep the excitement going. Now if there was a prizeeee...... i might just jump on that bandwagon, but seeing as there are no prizes, i'll pass on that. So yes we have a deal (that's if i'm not slaughtered in the process)

  3. you are a trip. you are funny as hell. i'm gonna go now and check my settings to make sure i don't have the aforementioned offending offense.

  4. Sting on 'stinger the scorpion.
    '.Well said.It can be really frustrating with the word verification stuff.I want to believe that so many of us aren't aware of its existence on our blogs.If I am guilty....

  5. i totally agree with u on the comment verification and music part, that stuff will be so loud and to find am sef na
    am guilty of the last one tho, which i think its really cool cos i'll just open a new page when i click to read someone's blog. so u no go charge me anything bcos na ur computer fault be

  6. @yankeenaija: I'm not joking oh. I'm freaking serious. Let's hope u are not guilty of any of the offenses cos u look like someone i can fine heavily (indirectly saying u look rich)

    @austin: The word verification thing makes me see red. My blood go just dey simmer.

    @soupasexy: Don't even think u can get out of paying the fine with all that ojoro talk.

    @honeywell: I like u very much since u seem quite willing to pay me, unlike soupasexy. Yes, i accept western union, but i don't think u can send a honda civic through western union, so how u want take do am?

  7. lol u don kolo....this is a different side of u....u sound kinda xcited 4 some reasn.....k maybe not xcited xcited but u sure aint sad or pissed.
    I doubt if i'm guilty of any of the above......that word verification thingy pisses me off as well cos i never get those letters right the 1st time.

  8. @DL: I wish i was excited excited. I need some of that in my life. I guess i don't really show this side of myself on i usually want to blog when i'm stressed or unhappy which was quite often cos of some of the issues i was dealing with. Usually only my brother gets to "enjoy" the goofy side of me cos that's how we deal with each other. He thinks i'm crazy.

  9. Okay, I'll confess, I am guilty but only on one count. My comments page is in a pop up window. I guess because I know how to use the pop up window to view other blogs and move pages around as I see fit, I never thought of the inconvenience it causes readers.

    Okay, I will pay penance by saying a couple hail mary's and visiting as many blogs as I can stomach this Sunday.

    Hahaha. Nice rant. Have a great week!


  10. Oh, and about the "FURRRRST" phenomenon. Well, at my ...Easier... blog we have turned it into a fun competition that sends traffic to other people's blogs. It's just a way for me to acknowledge my readers and share traffic with friends.

    so although I was not first, I will say TENTH!!!!! and ELEVENTH!!!!

    Now, send my my prize Sting, or na Stingy? lol!

  11. the word verification kills me too, but the pop up? i'm guilty of that...

    what else?...'yes the i'm 1st...yay' you mean you havent heard that people actually get the gifts? dang girl where have you been? theres all this lovely prizes thrown around just for that, why do you think theres so much energy pushed in
    i guess its just a fun thing to do, like friends getting goofy with themselves(do i make sense?)

  12. U eehnn...shey it is me u r refering to abi?

    hahaha @ sting and goodnaijagirl:

    I think the whole first thing n stuff stems from the innate human desire to be tops @ everything...

  13. Ehnn Sting,

    You know I'm still a baby in blogville. I'm guilty of all the above except the 'furrst'craze. So how I go pay? 20 cows and 20 barrels of palmwine ok by you?

    I have to thank you for pointing this out. Who knows? It may have put off people wanting to comment.
    Going to my blog to make amends now. But I go leave the music o. A beg no vex.

  14. Lol you are too much. I do the same thing i like to go read whoever commented blog, my way of bypassing that is to right click on the names and i will have like 10 windows opened. I am guilty of the verification thing sha...but i no get money.

  15. Guilty as charged...lolll...

    I can help you with the pop up comment thing tho, what I usu do is click directly on the link to the topic u're reading (just that one link)...and then u'll have the comments right after the message! :)


  16. How much is my own fine? LOLLLL...

  17. Guilty as charged!!!! Lol.
    Thanx for stopping by my post You sound really funny!!!!!

  18. That first thing drives me CRAZY. Esp when you want to see what people have to say about stuff, people are busy screaming first, second again and again... for goodness sake!

  19. @solomonsydelle: I can't believe u are a wayo woman. You have turned everything around and now i'm the one supposed to be giving u a prize? I'll overlook it cos of bomboy. Just this once.

    @fantasy queen: I've only seen bella naija offer prizes for being first. So the rest of u guys better start putting out.

    @charizard: Of course i was referring to u now, who else? But since i like ur yellow and butterfly template i'll partially look the other way.

    @naijalines: 20 cows and 20 barrel of palmwine? You are a wonderful person. That's what i'm talking about. Just make sure the palmwine is fresh b4 u send it down.

    @okrika girl: So u want to use the poor student excuse to back of out this one? Hmmm... You might want to consider selling some belongings or something like that.

    @Jaycee: just becos u gave me a tip on how to bypass the pop up pages, u will not be fined.

    @onydchic: They said it's human nature. I say it's our naija nature.

  20. I concur, the word verification thingy is really annoying

  21. ROFLMFAO....

    u are sooo funny,
    me i like the music thing tho,
    i enjoy reading and music at a go
    well me i dont have word verification ! infact am not guilty of anyone at feeling soooooo like a

  22. guilty as charged. As long as I can blog from jail, you can forget about a fine! :-)

  23. You see sometimes ignorance least it saves you all this venting lol. It never occurred to me that people could individually place all those features on their blogs. I just thot it came naturally with blogger depending on the template you use...except for the music part of cos. Well nor vex...all na fun!

  24. That music issue peeves me to no end too. The worst cases are blogs where the player blends in so well in the page I have to search for it.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  25. I recently said something similar to a former "friend" (in my mind). I started having funny feelings about the whole friendship, and some of the things I was being "dragged" into doing was just not me. Personally, I can endure oh, but when I blow... I blow far far away.

  26. lol....i feel the exact same thing...but wait a min..i think i might have that word verication thingy to ohh...lemme check!!

  27. I am with you on that amebo stuvz mehn..i just start parambulating from one blog to the other..i dont even know how i got here and look at me i have to hand in and 2moro and i am reading your blog.

  28. girlfriend, am totally with u & goodnaijagirl on these! but d one dat drives me nuts d most is d one u'd have 2 wait 4 d blog owners approval b4 u can see ur frigging comment!!!!!! for crying out loud, wot r d blog owners think comes with d comments, antrax?????

  29. haha u are a joker, but na tru you talk oh, ive actually given up on leaving comments becoz of that word verification.

    im actually looking for the post i read the last time i came here,before i can move on, i dont seem to find it

    i gues ill just keeep going up

  30. lol!lol! u are crazy!!hehehe...i feel the same way mehn especially that word verification thing...i wan beat all the bloggers wey get that

  31. lmho...kai! u don really provoke o! Well, am guilty of the verification how much fine i go pay nah?..*smiling*...i hear you about the music thing....i only appreciate in entertainment for the pop-up windows, i simply open another tab, shikena!..heheehee.Have a lovely weekend.

  32. ok first of all i did not know that you can actually remove that word verification thingy..tell me how.
    the music thing is also a bit no no no. i think readers should retain the right to play if they want.

  33. I know, this is a very old post, but i had taken corrections & removed the pop-window & verification thing. so i want to be seeing more of your comments in my blog we have a deal qui?....grinning*


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