Friday, April 11, 2008

Is everyone going crazy or what?

Is the whole world going crazy or is it just me? For some reason i find that whenever i see someone acting weird i ALWAYS think they are mentally ill, at least that's my initial thot. I guess it's cos i can't understand why a sane person would act that way. But then again i understand that what's normal to me might be abnormal to someone else so it's all good.

Anyway, so i was sitting in the library yesterday trying to study but thinking of how hungry i was. It was already past 9pm and the library closes at 10pm, so at that point i was debating whether to call it quits or struggle with the beast of hungry until 10. Now, where i was in the library was the secluded corner at the far end of the fourth floor, i was already getting scared cos i'm ever conscious that there are bad people out there. When this one dude appeared around 8ish, i grabbed my sharp pencil and held it in a way that i could easily stab him if he tried any nonsense. But the dude just went and sat down and started to study. Don't mind me, i'm paranoid, you would be too if u were me. So i kinda relaxed after that cos at least there was someone else around studying.

So right when i was debating whether to go home, another dude appears as if from nowhere. The way the books are arranged prevented me from seeing when people are approaching. So he comes up to me, and says something to me. I didn't hear him at first cos i got my ipod on. Then i take it out, and he says "Do u mind if i seat here?" He wanted to seat across the (small) table from me. First of all, there were at least 10 other EMPTY chairs with tables lined along the windows. So i look at him, wondering if he was crazy (literally), and then i looked at the empty chairs. I swear to God, i really wanted to ask him "why", but no be my papa get library. So i was like "I guess". Then i took my ipod off the table in case that's what he wanted cos i no fit pursue person, if he decides to grab it and run. His actions just didn't make sense at first. Then he starts asking me what i'm studying blah blah.... That's when it dawned on me that dude wasn't crazy. He just wanted to talk to me. When i told him i was studying for the MCAT and what it was, he was like alright, i don't want to disturb you, i'll let you study (For mind i say, u be no see say i dey read b4, thanks for the belated consideration). Then he wished me luck and walked away. Honestly, i was scared cos i initially thot he was crazy. That's when i decided i had scared myself enough for the day and i went home to feed the beast.

Then this morning, i was running late. My friend calls me, she never calls me in the mornings, so i pick up the phone wondering what was up. I normally wouldn't have taken that call cos i was late for work already. She went off on me about how i haven't been returning her calls, that did i not see her missed calls. I was like, u didn't call me cos i don't have any missed calls from u. Then she was like, so if u don't hear from me, u can't call me? I spoke to this chic 2 days ago, and when i called her she said she would call me back, and i never heard from her until this morning. So i told her that i was waiting to for her to call me back like she said, and besides i've been busy. I have a lot of things to do and all that jazz. I said it in an angry tone cos i felt attacked. In my head i'm thinking "did i sign any contract to be calling this girl everyday?" We don't even have that kind of friendship.

Then she got pissed and said she was just joking (she wasn't, at least it didn't come across that way.) and why should i be taking it serious like we were quarreling. B4 i could say Jack Robinson she had hung up the phone on me. I was shocked. Na she call me attack me, now she is mad that i responded to the attack? Now tell me everyone is not going crazy.

On a mushy mushy note. I met the cutest guy, Goddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately he is too old (34), but he is Cuttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Besides, i don't want any man wahala right now. I need to focus, but the dude is foineeeeeeee. I'm drooling just thinking about him. I wish i could put his picture up so u guys can see.


  1. am first, i had to say fidjit don catch me
    lemme read sha.

  2. abeg put his picture up, lets see one has to know and we go give u our honest opinion too.

  3. You know how the saying goes: "With friends like that, who needs enemies". She needs to chill, seriously. Don't you love it when someone says something rude and you respond, calling them on it and all of a sudden it was a "joke"?

    Can you send the guy to Canada please? I'll happily take his pic AND post it on my blog for all to admire!

  4. heheehehhee...y'all ladies are so's ma 2 kobo...u r 22 paranoid geez!!!!

    Please dnt post any pic we already feel wugly enough from here...

  5. Hmmm... you this naughty girl, beta concentrate on your reading. Are you sure all this paranoia and xtra dreaming is not because it's been long since you've been...?

  6. You are just realizing that the world has gone mad? haha
    Put the guys picture up my friend. Hurry up so we can see.

  7. don't you just hate it when someone does/says something, and you know tha they arent joking, then they say "just joking" at the end because they realize they are being retarded..arrrggghhh
    Hmm babes r u sure u wont give this guy a chance?

  8. lol@ u with the pencil
    post the pic of the cute guy

  9. Dad-gummit, 34 is not
    Good Luck with him.

  10. Age is nothing but a number.....
    Beans!(I know, im a razzo)lol
    newish here in blogsville and I like your blog! Hope you dont mind me asking where you got your template from?


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