Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I need to stop

Million dollar question of the day. Why do i keep liking someone who i KNOW is bad for me? I wish there was a switch so i could turn it off but there isn't. The other guy who really likes me, i couldn't care less about. Sometimes when he's talking to me, I'll be thinking of the guy who doesn't give a shit about me. Somethings wrong with me cos i should be able to stop while I'm ahead, but i can't.

I'm talking about the guy i was referring to in the previous post. I did stop talking to him completely for a while. He sent me a text asking how i was doing one day and i just totally ignored it and he never called or anything after that so i left it alone. He is the same guy who asked me if i wanted him to be my boyfriend. I guess i should have put that question in context. I was complaining about how he doesn't like to call me or even talk on the phone (he hates talking on the phone, but we don't live in the same state so how in God's name do i talk to him) and he asked me out of the blue the boyfriend question. At that point i took it to mean, are u complaining cos u want me to be ur boyfriend.

Anyway, a week ago for whatever reason, i called him again, and he was complaining that i dumped him. I thot that was funny cos he was the one acting like he couldn't care less about me. Anyway, he has been acting really nice to me. He got a job and he works at night, he would call me right when he wakes up b4 he gets ready for work. I was kinda worried about y he was being nice. Then i sent him a text message on Thursday and i didn't get any reply. I spent the whole weekend being miserable about being ignored. I hate being ignored cos it brings out a lot of my insecurities (worked that out in therapy). Anyway, so i sent a few more texts which were also ignored and called about 4 times in 3 days. No response. Finally when i had said fuck it, someone calls me to let me know that the idiot went to Canada to see his grandma and he has his phone. He was like, i don't want u to think he's been ignoring u cos i saw u've been calling. I was still pissed cos he could have told me b4 he left. Still haven't heard from him. I had no intention of asking the guy who called me any questions cos it was nice enough he called me, i didn't want to put him in the middle of anything. I still think i need to stop talking to this guy and i regret ever calling him again.


  1. lol!!!he hates talking on the phone and he lives in another state???????how r u guys suppose to now communicate!!!MSN???lol

  2. I know we can't turn feelings off but I totally agree that You need to stop! This guy is unlikely to be the one who will treat you like gold, respect you, make you feel like a million bucks.

    Instead, he will keep your interest by tossing you little scraps of actions that can be interpreted as affection, and he'll get you every time. I've been there (to some extent) so I know of what I speak. You might too, since you've written this.

    Beware! And remember: you deserve better.

    (lol, I sound like a fortune teller now!)

  3. What? they don't have phones in canada? Or his friend couldn't have called him in canada to let him know he had missed calls and texts, or he couldn't just take his phone to canada with him....I don't know about you, but my olfactory senses are telling me I smell straight up BS.

    And you are right, he should have called you to let you know he was leaving (assuming you are giving him the benefit of doubt). And really who gives their friend their cell phone while on travel?? Seriously??

    Take care of yourself girl. Don't let this one pull a fast one on you.

  4. Sigh... Well, goodnaijagirl said what I wanted to say. It's hard, and feelings dont have an on/off switch, but fight it, this guy will keep using u to play games... he's not worth it.

    Chick, this seems to be the constant theme of your bloglife... Continuous misery/annoyance/confusion over worthless guys/friends... I don't know you, but I worry that you keep a lot of negative people around you.

    Maybe you should just stop thinking about it, channel your energies into more productive things, like your studies, financies, jobs and hobbies. When a good guy comes along, you'll know. Trust me, if you have to think about it too much, it probably isn't worth it. You don't need to have a guy in your life for it to be complete or more fulfilling. Once you grow to enjoy and accept your own person/company, then you can really understand what is good for you in a partner and what isn't.

    Move on, I'm begging you.

  5. 95% of them are full of bs, and 2% are married and fooling around. That leaves you with 3%, and try looking for 3% in a box of rice. You gotta learn to weed them out early before your feelings get involved. Build a friendship first, no matter how much you're digging the person. People tend to be more open about who they REALLY are in a friendship. With relationships, both parties are still trying to impress each other. Good luck!

  6. it happens at times. we get to like someone who treats us like shit and ignore one who really likes us.
    no girl want to be ignored. and if it continues on and on, then u ve to make a decision before it makes ur insecurities get off limit

  7. unfortunately
    the heart wants what it wants

  8. You keep saying you're staying away from him yet you keep calling him.
    whats with that?

  9. Bubbles...imma need you to cut it out!!...You need to close the door on this part of ur life. You dont need this!!

  10. girl u sure he's not gay..lol
    i dont even know what to tell u, i tot u were my voice of reasoning. but c, u r just like me.
    girl pls stop..trust we can do this together.
    FUCK EM! MUTHER*)>ke!!
    am just upset for u sha, know how u feel. i also hate being ignored.

  11. It is not easy o. Emotions can't be switched on and off. Just try to maintain cos na you wey dey go through this unique situation even though I'm sure we all can relate to that. At least his boy will tell him that you called, don't callh im again and see how it all plays out. Hang in there my sister.

  12. Sorry hon, but i'd say the handwrting is on the wall. It's hard... but he sounds like a timewaster. Perhaps you should move on? Only you can make that decision. Take care.


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