Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Instagram randoms

  • Follow me on Instagram @naijascorpio.......I miss you guys. There was someone I used to interact with a lot, I can't for the life of me remember who the person was. A female blogger, I think. Who was the person who asked me where I went on vacation last year and I dM'ed you? 
  • Shines brightly, I don't miss you but u can follow me if you like. 
  • I have two more Peds ED shifts left for this month. Yay! I actually enjoyed this rotation. Sick Kids are not so bad after all. 
  • Then I'm off to Atlanta GA, Montgomery AL and Orlando FL next week. 
  • My previous post was inspired by one of my secondary school best friends who recently got married and is now "very worried" about my single status because she wants me to be happy. 
  • She is one of the less than handful of people who can get away with that sort of conversation  You only get one chance to do that with me and she has used hers. I tolerated the conversation very well because I know her well enough to know she was coming from a good place. 
  • But the repetitive "is it you?" Would have gotten someone else killed. 
  • After she had finished, she started telling me not to worry. Dude, I wasn't worried, you started the conversation. People like this are the ones who can start to make someone worried. 
  • Abeg, auntie free me o!
  • I couldn't resist pointing out the fact that she was talking as if I could just go to the market and purchase a husband.
  • When she suggested that I go to church to find "that kind of man", that's where my patience ran out. I did not hesitate to tell her not to go there. 
  • She knows me well enough to back off and say, okay let's forget that side. Lol...I'm such a heathen. 
  • I really do not want a churchy religious man. I wouldn't be able to stand it. 
  • I am not wallowing in sin and debauchery. I live a very tame life. I just can't stand religion. 
  • I was recently asked when updating my insurance info what my religion was and for the first time I said "nothing". I have been feeling uncomfortable whenever I say I'm a Christian in the past. So right now I am a student of the world.
  • I still wear my buddist prayer beads daily. It has become a talisman of sorts. It reminds me to practice mindfulness. 
  • Different strokes for different folks. 
  • I've become a huge fan of Mercy Johnson. She is such a GREAT actress. For the first time in my life, a Naija movie made me cry. I was shocked at myself. This was a movie I initially did not even want to watch. Mad Couple. There was a scene in part 2 that was very touching. Maybe I'm just a romantic or I was hormonal but real tears were shed by moi. 
  •  I love Mercy! She and her clingy cloths. Thankfully, she has the body for it. God blessed her sha! Lol. 
  • I'm debating whether to braid my hair but I had sworn off braids thanks to the traction alopecia it left me with but I don tire for wigs, no be only me waka come. 


  1. You can try crochet braids...less traction with that..

  2. I like the Buddhist way of life, they are more disciplined and spiritual than our so-called Christians! I simply don't believe in their Buddha. I don't mind emulating their way of life. My dear sistah o, I prefer you to marry non-church-bros..why? Because I no wetin my eyes don see and ear hear o jare! Tori no be for today! WOW! You too! I have been watch MJ movies for a while now, and I have come to like her by force by fire o! ...I have not watched mad couple..we will do that this weekend during movie time.
    Safe journey on all your travels.
    Braid, but gel the front edges.

  3. @friend that can get away with such things...we all have them. you love them so much you give them special dispensation.
    Re religion. I go to church sometimes, and I feel christian because I was raised and steeped in the culture, but I'm not sure any more. I'd actually define myself almost as an agnostic.
    And abeg the man that make you happy doesn't always have to be found in church.

    It's already thursday! have a lovely weekend! X

  4. We can now comment on this blog? Since when? Yay! Lol @ your friend and that marriage conversation. Its true, it's people like that that make others worry. Oh and mercy mercy, its not only me that noticed her love for clingy clothes? Lol...she acts well though, love me some mercy! I'd add that movie to my "to-watch list".

  5. Hahhaa... Nigerian people and their husband whala, as soon as you get married it will be "How is your condition" as if people only get married to have babies.

  6. oh the marriage conversation, been having that a lot lately...a lot of people have used up their last card on this matter.

    Buddhists are kind of cool, so go on babe, whatever works for you on the religion matter.

  7. LOL let's cling to that hormone argument because Mad Couple was an alright movie but as far as MJ goes I think "heart of a fighter" was a better movie.


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