Thursday, January 15, 2015

Heart break

I heard my heart shatter
into a million little pieces
shards of glass
finer than dust
an explosion of broken promises
betrayed trust
empty friendship

I watched you turn your back
and felt pain
so real
it brought me to my knees
hands outstretched
i fall flat on my face

curled up in a ball of pain
a distant memory
each breath harder than the last

by NaijaScorpio (Don't steal my shit)

I used to not like poems (and for the most part still don't), but i find myself writing things that can pass for poems. My heart is currently not broken, thankfully. But this was inspired by a personal experience, as are all of my (pseudo) poems. 

Would you like to read more? I have accumulated a bunch of these over the years. You might get a glimpse into some of the shit i don't talk about.

Apparently, i now suffer from insomnia! Not


  1. I understand the one you wrote above because is in plain simple English and not in riddles or parables which I seldom understand...and I have tried my hands at it like twice in my old blog .... when the muse remembers to visit me o!...ahahahha...Jokes apart, am not a poetic person, but I look forward to reading all you have written.

  2. Yes to poems as long as they are not riddles like Nitty said


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