Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bia bia bia, people biko nu, I use God to beg you......common does not equal come on! I'm sick and tired of seeing everyone confuse the two. One is an adjective used to describe prevalence. It could also be a noun (google is your friend) and the other is an interjection/exclamation used to express exasperation or displeasure. Jeez! It's not that difficult.

It's getting as bad as the misuse of your vs you're. Both equally make my skin crawl. Fix it Jesus...

*Bia - come


  1. I never knew any one would confuse the Anyways...happy new year!

  2. hahaha, never knew people confuse these two words...I can understand the frustration sha.

    Happy new year and glad to see the comment section back.

  3. I'm seeing things! The comment section is open?! HALLELUYAH!!
    Happy New Year Stingology. :*

  4. For some weird reason, I feel like I can let "common" "come on" go, but saying "you should of" instead of "you should have" completely drives me bonkers!

  5. I should do a skit on Happy New Year! Bwahahaha


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