Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This just made my day

I'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers! 

Oct 29, baby!!!!
The day a superstar gave this world the privilege of her presence

I started writing a 50 random facts about me post yesterday while i was in the call room chilling. I only got to 7 before i abandoned it. My poor neglected blog. Life is not easy, my people. Just trying to get by.
Med school has turned me into a nut case. 
Been procrastinating on a lot of things
Stressed AF
Anxious about certain things
It is well
I accept platitudes at this point

I shall now proceed to punish my muscle at the gym and force those endorphins out. 

Muah Booskis! 

P.S. I am very much aware that we are still in August, unfortunately for the world


  1. You sound so much like Honeydame....and I've been meaning to ask you on twitter, who send you go read medicine? loooool the way you cry over these calls eh!

    1. Sis, seriously.......I would like to know who sent me. I have yet to meet anyone who thinks med school is/was fun. They tell you before u get it that it's hard but no one can explain what hard means. It's something you have to experience for yourself.

    2. Just look at this??? Look acheww, Knorr Knorr... Crazy as a bat Sting sounds like me, howwwww???

      Let's ignore that I also think October is the best thing that has happened to a calendar year.

    3. Lol @ crazy as a bat shit Sting.

  2. Hey! Unfortunately bawo? No messing with August jor. #ProudlyLeo

    1. Sorry, no love for you on these streets! Go and find Hazel! *rme*

  3. One cannot help but marvel at the beauty of fall colors.

  4. Love October too, take care, dearie :)

  5. Thank God for October! I was born in October too! 19th!!!


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