Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pastor Anointed

I guess it's a good thing i don't have time on my hands to address my dear Nigerian Christians and their "anointed" pastors. I really don't know where to start, so i will just SMH and keep it moving until a day when i am not exhausted and hungry, then we can have this discussion or rather i can rant about the nonsense.

However, i would like to say that a lot of CHRISTIANS in Nigeria are living in the bondage of RELIGION. They have become blind and are like lost sheep without a shepherd because their supposed shepherd is lost himself and is probably busy fucking anything that will let him. Salvation is personal, spirituality is personal. I am thankful that i am free from that bondage. The day that i "find" God, there will be no middle man between us. Bunch of freaking charlatans. I should have used my psychology degree and opened a church instead of wasting time in med school. I bet i would have made way more money that way. On judgement day i'm sure all these well known, well respected anointed men of God will be dragging line with me on our way to hell. Mscheewwww.


To be fair, it's not just Nigerian Christians. Bishop Eddie Long is still the pastor of New Birth right? The fact this is wife wanted to divorce him says a lot about the veracity of that lawsuit which was conveniently settled out of court. What a pity! 5 teenage boys! That's the vessel that wants to lead people to salvation. Give me a freaking break.

We are all God's anointed. Fuck that shit! May God give me the level of grace to be able to ignore these people. Amen. 

Ok! I'm done.

But seriously though, how do these people sleep at night when they know they are deceiving people and they wouldn't know what anointing looked like even if it came in the form of two lightening bolts and stuck them in the middle of their forehead. My simple brain cannot just comprehend the magnitude of their deception. I guess it takes a level of grace that i hopefully never attain, because that is some shit filled nasty grace right there and it did not originate from anything that has to do with God.

I guess i couldn't help myself. I still ended up with a post. Oh Lord Jesus there's a fah! 


  1. I go with your flow of ranting missus!

  2. Madamme Sting, you are not wasting your time going through med school. Aparently one of the professions that do well as Men of God are doctors. You are in the right profession should you turn your back to Medicine at some point.

    On a serious note this worship of the so called "Men of God" is nauseating. We give them a blank cheque to do almost anything and there are always people who jump to their defence. We have a long way to go.

  3. Religion sucks for real, Relationship with Christ is what i'm about not a set of blinded rules that mere men twist for their own satisfaction. I say all the time people need to discover God for themselves.

  4. I agree with you about the whole religion thing. I sat down one day and it all seemed like politics to me. People twisting and turning stuff to make situation suitable for them. Until people get the idea that they can have a relationship with God by themselves and not through any pastor or Imam, the so called anointed pastors will continue to rip people off in the name of prosperity.


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