Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unequally yoked

The bible says "Do not be unequally yoked......"  Na there i know reach. I don't even know what book it is, but i am sure google will be nice enough to tell me if i cared enough to ask. I saw a post recently on Myne about a girl wondering if she should marry a non-christian (if i remember correctly). I understand that while religion might not be a deal breaker for me, it might be for someone else. I'm at the point in my life where i can't even be bothered with how someone else is choosing to live their lives. Do you, boo.

But sometimes sha, my mouth cannot just keep quiet. I have to say something. How in this day and age, people are still going to be having issues with Catholic vs Baptist? I used God to beg my friend today o. If she wasn't my personal person, that's how i would have just been looking at her. I told her last last, she should just learn how to sing her hymns slower and she was laughing. I've been to both Catholic and Baptist Church's and na the same thing except i felt the baptist church was even more slower and boring than the Catholic church (but this was way back when i was in boarding school in one village like that). My boarding school was a Catholic school and we had a convent inside the school and this my friend would drag me there. Pray in front of Mary, kiss Mary's statue, kneel down, stand up, pray the rosary, sing hymn with words i don't know or understand. Too much going on, men. I can never be a part of that. Regular pentecostal church dey hard me, not to talk of that one.  Like i said, to each their own. My sister married and became a catholic, i thought she was crazy, not like i said anything to her or anything but that's what she wanted to do with her life and she's okay with it. If she's happy, I'm happy.

But to say you don't want to date/marry someone because you are not of the same Christian denomination, is just absolutely crazy to me. Abi, no be the same Jesus? I'm not understanding. If it was Pentecostal vs Catholic now, maybe i can understand, a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny bit, but Catholic vs Baptist. Jesus H. Christ, please come down and save your children because they are focusing on the wrong things.

I am thankful i am not bound by the shackles of religion. Take that to mean whatever you wish, that's not my problem. What matters is what is in my head and my heart. After all, when this life is over, there are only 4 places we could possibly end up in. Yes, 4, not 2 or 3.

Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes

Enjoy the rest of your week people.

Watch your back with frenemies.

If your spirit is not okay with it, it's probably not right.

Trust your intuition and your subconscious. It will tell you the answer most of the time even if it can't tell you why.

.......and the rambling ends now.

Good night.


  1. Watch your back with frenemies.If your spirit is not okay with it, it's probably not right.Trust your intuition and your subconscious. It will tell you the answer most of the time even if it can't tell you why.

    so true

  2. Im Baptist, we are totally different from the catholics so i get where she is coming from, even though i do not agree in the problem of marrying christians from different denominations that is just nonsense..

    Still you should know, Baptist is more pentecostal, infact it is pentecostal no difference sef, we just sing like 2 hymns that differentiate us from redeem churches, infact come to think of it my redeemed church here in canada sings hymns on sundays so no difference sef.

  3. 4 places? please i'm highly interested in that.

    Hmmm I think its a deal breaker when each church have internal practices or beliefs that differ from the other. I wouldn't want to go into details so I don't upset a member of another church.

    I'm currently in Pre marital counselling and we still get reminded how we are ideally not meant to get married to someone who doesn't attend same church...its a pentecostal church by the way (RCCG)

  4. I don't believe there is anything wrong with interdenominational marriages seeing as I am a product if such a union. Dad's a catholic and mum's Pentecostal. They both kept their denominations and I git exposed to both. The result? I m notextremely fanatical I daresay I m not that religious . Which is the only problem with such a union, that is how you want your kid raised. However personally I think love is all that matters and religion is a distraction.

  5. Love is not all that matters. For me its a deal breaker, because different doctrines can spoil your spiritual growth

    That being said, I wont also marry a 'brother' in the same church with me, if his own spiritual life isn't encouraging.

  6. Haba. Confused because of religious differences? I understand. But denominational differences? Come on now

    We always seem to find a way to divide ourselves further and further

  7. Hmmm...I wanted to write a post about this, but the comments on that post made me pause. I'm still writing and will share one day :)

  8. Religion is a deal breaker for me and from what I have learnt recently we also have different denominations of islam...religion just confuses one.

    1. Yes o my dear, my direct manager was complaining to me the other day at work. she's a sunni muslim so she can't marry a shia muslim. lol life sha.

  9. I read the post also, but didn't comment because religion is a very sensitive and fragile issue I am trying to avoid. For the fact that it worked with me, it might not go the same way with others. If it is a deal breaker to some, then they should not even tread or smell that path, because it would be a strain on their relationhip. Love is sweet my dear sting, but there are some situations that will test the love of couples, it's their faith together that will see them through. Can 2 walk together accept they agree?

    Muslims and Christains are brothers....from the same seed...Abraham but different mothers.And every child is groomed under his/her mother. I grew up in Celestial church...then pentecostal....then Anglican....back to Pentecostal.....and now I just wish to be FREE from any denomination and worship GOD truthfully without any church doctrine or constitution tying me down!...I so which THERE WAS NO DENOMINATION, because they are ALL after the same thing...MONEY and POWER! #quotemeanydayandanytime!

    Happy val.

  10. Sweetie its heaven and hell.
    By the way, my meaning for unequally yoked is what you actually believe
    Not the church you go to or the people you move with.
    It is having an intimate relationship with Jesus where you actually talk to him in prayer.
    Having someone else who trusts God in the same way will be amazing and doubly intimate if both of you are sincere.

  11. I think I have just fallen in love with you. Will you marry me?

  12. *looks around in confukshun* who, me? Why, thank u.


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