Friday, February 8, 2013


HE'S important. He matters. That he's needed. He's appreciated. He's doing a good job. Tell him not to give up. To keep going. That You believe in him. That you trust him. That he still turns you on. Tell him he's handsome. That he's wonderful. He's special. He's chosen. That he has a purpose. That he's blessed. Tell him how lucky you are. Root for him. Pray for him. Say good things about him. Do good things for him. Listen to him. Cook for him. Pay attention to him. Look good for him. Help him. Push him. Encourage him. Stand by him. Defend him. Talk dirty to him. Laugh with him. Blow his mind in bed. Help him make more money. Protect his dreams. Give him space to grow. Nurture him. Love his children, yours or not. Honor his mother. Dont argue. Talk to him in a sweet & kind voice. Keep the house clean. Be understanding. Have realistic expectations of him. Let him lead. Accept his flaws. Praise his strengths. Respect him. Be his friend. Grow with him. Enjoy life with him. Bring out the best in him. Teach him how to love you... By YOU loving YOU!!!

If he doesn't deserve any of that *LEAVE HIM* because you deserve to give that to someone. When you do, that is what's given to you.....

Shanel Cooper-Sykes


  1. I like. I have a feeling that I'll always be coming back to this post.

  2. I agree but the man must also do the same for you. And if he inst then he is not the right one

  3. I agree with everything except ...'Dont Argue'
    That one is not possible as we argue over politics, decisions etc
    You can say we are two strong willed people
    However, one of us always backs down to let peace reign (it depends who is the stroppiest at the time) LOL
    Hope all is well with you

  4. how the writer ended it. We argue too, love it actually :)

  5. This I shall definitely copy and share....

  6. Dame native Doctor, I like..My cousin for village dey hail our wife o

  7. Blessings....
    Its important that we nurture our relationships, that we let the people of significant in our lives know it, feel it and understand it, for tomorrow is not promised and we never know which day would be our last with the ones we love.


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