Monday, January 21, 2013

The Number one reason marriages end..... lack of sex. They can cover it up with other stuff but it all boils down to lack of sex or poor sex lives. Don't quote me, we were talking about viagra today and that's what the doctor said.

So married people, save your marriages and have more sex.
Unmarried people practice for marriage and have more sex.
If you are saving yourself for marriage, then please consider me the little red devil on your left shoulder and don't listen to me but when you get married, remember what i said........

 You can all thank me later by collecting money to buy me a Jet. 

P.S Erectile dysfunction is just a nice way of saying someone is impotent. It's all marketing, baby! You have erectile dysfunction, here's some viagra....No one wants to be labeled impotent.

Impotence- unable to engage in sexual intercourse because of inability to have and maintain an erection. 

Now we both know or maybe you already knew.  


  1. True. And If s/he aint getting it from you, s/he is getting it from somewhere else....most times

  2. ahahahahahahahahahha.....STING! The liitle red sabi find trouble sha! But you are RIGHT!

  3. I always linked impotence to when the guy is shooting blanks....and erectile dysfunction as when he can't rise to the occasion

    So they are one and the same? Hmmm.... Very well learnt.

    1. Impotence is ED while shooting blanks is sterility :)

  4. Sex is the on point

  5. People tend to forget that later in life, its friendship & companionship that keeps the marriage and not sex...

    1. True! But the problem is a lot of marriages are not making it to later in life....

  6. Sex is very important, and along with being able to afford the things you need, can make or mar any relationship.

  7. its a cycle in my opinion and i think with good reason too.

    women tend to give good sex when they are in the right frame of mind unlike men who can slam dunk any and every time. The right frame of mind as a result of good friendship/companionship and not a 'honey i love u' at the end of the day only so he can get some.

    so if both parties work towards coping well together with the stresses of everyday life then it is a lot easier to stay in love and give good sex. for me if i am mad at someone there is no way i can be turned on by him


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