Friday, January 25, 2013

For my Yoruba and Igbo Readers

A rat's voicemail to a man, telling him he had to eat all his certificates and important papers etc just because the man ran out of Indomie noodles, the only food the rat normally feasts on.

4 Step program to Big girlhood

P.S Hope it made some of you laugh. I don't understand yoruba, but since i knew what the rat was saying it helped a bit.

I just realised i hate reading blogs about med school by med students. It stresses me out for some reason. Isn't that ironic. I hope this blog is not a "med school" blog. 


  1. lol, its hella funny. Who has time to make such?

  2. I need to brush up on my yoruba though

  3. Chi-girl is hilarious. Is that really paid advert for GT bank?

    This is not a med-blog

  4. Hai friend,Nice post,its is nice blog post


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