Saturday, January 5, 2013


My brother's tumblr is awesome. I should text him and let him know i really like it. I have found some really inspirational stuff on there. In case anyone was wondering, he is a runner. 5K and 10K - multiple times. Very selfish with the free t-shirts from his races (or whatever they are called). While i was volunteering to help set up for the AIDS walk in my city, my brother was running during the AIDS walk in his city. I was like, when did the AIDS walk become a run, but okay. Plus he likes to intimidate people with his six pack. Yeye fowl. This past holiday, he was complaining he now has a pot belly. I just rolled my eyes and told him to arrange himself. He is a good brother though and helps me with all my fat insecurities by telling me i'm not fat and sending me motivation to work out, which never happens. I still remember our one encounter on the tracks and how this boy almost killed me. I had to say he should leave to walk o. No be me kill Jesus. He then went on to run one whole hour on the track, non-stop. While i jejely jog-walked.

On that note, i bid you adieu. I have some rocks to cut but i have to sleep first.


  1. I like the first one a lot. Thanks for passing on the motivation

  2. You bro na wah, I wish I can be fit like that.

    I like his tumblr page also.

  3. Happy New Year Madame Sting!
    How have you been?
    Missed reading you sha.. No be ur fault..
    Love reading this post though..
    I wish I had ur kind of bro with me.. I for lean up big time!


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