Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pop quiz

Who can tell me what UAF means? Like some attendings like to say, i'm really asking you to read my mind o_O

 On a good note, that was SOME sleep. I feel like a human being again . It was all kinds of awesome plus i slept on the couch cos i was hoping to wake up to study. I did in fact wake up (multiple times) but only to reset my alarm. There was no studying done and i know nothing about my patient. I was on call yesterday which means i stayed in the hospital until 8.30pm, didn't really get a chance to finish my lunch. Got home at almost 9pm, reheated my "lunch", struggled to finish it, lamented about my unhappiness to an unlucky friend and went to sleep.

Oya, UAF, what does it stand for? It's just a little something that crossed my mind yesterday.

UAF= Ugly as Fuck


  1. I don't know... United Federation of Associations? lol

    1. I just realised i wrote it wrong. It's UAF. lol. Sorry.

  2. it simply means University of Alaska Fairbanks,Unite Against Fascism or university of agriculture


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