Monday, December 31, 2012

Lessons from 2012

  • Sometimes even our best laid plans don't work out
  • There are things we will never have the answers to.
  • Life is about taking chances, it's hardly ever black or white
  • Never give relationship advice no matter how well meaning. 
  • Happiness is priceless and worth chasing after.
  • When you have fallen completely flat on your face, there's no where else to go but back up
It's interesting some of the things i have discovered this year. The craziest of all is a relative who is resentful of the fact that i am going to be a doctor. I didn't realize being in med school was something to get a big head over, or being a doctor automatically means i think i am something. It's quite sad actually, quite sad. When i got into med school, this same person said something to the effect of me not being admitted into med school based on merit and i was a bit shocked and confused at the same time cos i didn't understand what she was getting at and why she would say that. I overlooked it. Now it has gotten worse, always alluding to the fact that i think i'm bigger than myself cos i am in med school. If i was a different kind of person, i would say she was jealous because she wanted to go to med school herself, but i won't think that way. If only she knew that medicine is a big headache and nothing to be pompous about, but that's her cross to bear. I am leaving all that madness behind in 2012.

I need things to be different. I need to feel better physically and mentally. I need to get myself back and i can't be worrying about crazy people. I have to decide what to do with my life in 2013, my goal is to graduate med school and get into residency and everything i do in 2013 is going to be geared towards that. I don't have time for nonsense.

Happy New Year to all my blog readers. You guys are awesome as always. To my "friends" who read this blog as a way to check up on me when my number hasn't changed, God is watching you in 3D.

I am so glad 2012 is over!!!!


  1. Happy New Year!
    Just stay focused. It's only when you're doing something good that other's will try to talk you out of it or bring you down, right?
    And all those lessons I learned in 2012 too, especially your first point.

  2. "Never give relationship advise no matter how well meaning" - #gbam... can't say anymore

    and the one about happiness is the truth men. In fact I've decided to stop searching for it and seeking it and start being it cos the pursuit and the search takes too long from the time I could use to just BE.

    Happy new year dear!!!


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