Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Universe is Fuxng with me

The universe is against my happiness. 
I must have been a juju priestess in my past life cos this shit is real.
I lied.
There is a black resident/surgeon. 
It's possible he's an attending too, not sure at this point.
I have seen him with a white coat before but i guess i forgot
He is African cos i've heard him speaking another language on the phone, 
but he speaks with an American accent
He said hi to me today (which is not unusual)
I still wasn't sure who he was
He was on the case i was on this morning, and when he was prepping the site for the surgery i thought he was a nurse or tech. 
Until the surgery started and he was obviously one of the surgeons
I guess i'm guilty of the stereotyping too. 
But not really
Everyone wears the freaking blue scrubs so there's no telling who's who.


  1. ummm... this ought to be interesting..

    1. U think? I plan to introduce myself next time I see him. I saw him glancing at my name badge the other day, so he's curious too, but he's not a candidate for anything interesting happening.,

  2. Sequel, maybe? Hoping for some adventures with this surgeon :-)

    1. No o. Don't think so. He's actually a neurosurgery resident.

  3. I'm still waiting to see how the Universe is against you. Maybe there's more to this story.

  4. its sad but true! i could imagine the look on your face when you realized the fact you acknowledged it and you share it


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