Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DON'T tell your friends!

Do you have friend(s) you tell about your relationship? I personally don't have a lot of close friends to begin with and there's only one friend (besides my sisters) i tell about my relationships (both real and imaginary ;) What do you guys think about this video?


  1. hahahahaha i love this guy!!! i agree with him 150% don't tell your friends lol!!! if i have to talk i only reveal what i want them to know never the real situation etc

  2. lol. I have had days where I sit and listen to this guy to make me feel better. He is hilarious.

  3. You have to choose who you tell, and definitely not every small detail. The guy's delivery is funny sha...

  4. I agree with him. it's your relationship, be economical with details. it is hard to do so though but it is worth trying.

  5. thanks for sharing this, i totally agree!


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