Sunday, August 5, 2012

Being Overweight is now illegal in Japan

I think the Japanese are so smart. Imagine what this would do to their health care costs down the line. Obesity is related to so many diseases, best to nip in it the bud. This would most certainly not fly in America.


  1. like seriously??
    so what will happen to fast foods joints?
    no visa for me be that abi?..ahahaha. na wa!

  2. I saw this a while ago. It's not necessarily being fat, it's having a waist line above a certain point, and if employees do, the company gets penalised for failing to promote a healthy lifestyle to their workers.

  3. wow, that's all i got wow. on one hand, it's encourages healthy lifestyle (the term encourage is used loosely here) but at the same time, it might promote eating disorder, etc. hmm, not sure what my stance is on this to be honest

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. What medical school are you currently at?


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