Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blogging Things

Would you guys like me to talk about my rotations? Yay or nay? I usually wouldn't ask cos i blog about whatever i want to blog about as you all know but wahala dey o! I haven't lost my blogging mojo but i don't feel like blogging about my life these days. The whole of last week, i came home and went straight to bed, at 3-4 in the afternoon. Yes, I know! I'm usually in the hospital at 6.30-6.45am and i'm generally there until 3pm and i'm on my feet for most of that time. The latest i've stayed was almost 4. Today i was in a 6 hour long surgery where the whole time, it was a struggle to get the man's hypotension under control (I'm in Anesthesia by the way, so i get to see the cool surgeries too without the pressure of getting pimped). We didn't even get a lunch break cos it was so busy. When the attending told the resident he could leave after the case, i was like, does that mean i can leave too?

As soon as we took the patient to the PACU and he had stabilized and the resident told me i could leave, i didn't ask any more questions, I just flew out of there. I think i'm in like with the guy but not in a "I want to date him" kind of way. I just like him. I have worked with him more than my assigned resident who is a third year and he's a first year, so he's still pretty new. I get to do more when i work with my resident, but i enjoy working with him more plus he teaches me a lot of physiology concepts which flew over my head in first and second yr. When my resident is around and has a case i have to work with her, but she seems to always be post call, like today.

Anyhoo, with the way i'm going, if they leave me, i won't blog but if you guys are interested about rotations, then i'll make an effort cos i'm nice like that. Of course, i have plenty stories already. Do you guys remember the gist post, with the married third year who slept with her surgery resident in the call room? She's now a 4th yr and is doing her SubI in anesthesia this month. I officially don't like her cos she's an unfriendly little bitch and she does look skanky. I didn't even know it was her until i was talking about her and was told that was the chic.

I'm going to bed. I'm just exhausted. I'm haven't really been studying so i need to get on that. That's what i say everyday. So far, i am loving this rotation. I've never seen so many hot white guys (residents)  in my life. I actually haven't seen any black residents talk less of attending. I still hate having to leave my apartment every freaking day, but we don't have nights or weekends in this rotation which is GREAT, so it's turning out to be a great month.Thank you Jesus. Let's hope this woman doesn't pimp me in the pain clinic tomorrow.


  1. pls blog about it, i am fascinated by doctors and stuff

  2. This would be like blogging Grey's :)

  3. Blog away but please explain all the medical terminolgy for us laymen lol and whatever happened to your pornstar classmate? there are some realy nice looking white guys i am keeping my options open but he better be open minded well travelled and sensitive to other cultures:)

  4. I am going to refill my popcorn and coke...blog away lady

  5. LOL....
    Why dont you be more in LIKE wiht him :-)

  6. Please blog about your rotations! so young turks like us will know what to look forward to!


  7. Talk oh, I like reading about residents/doctor's show sturves lol.


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