Thursday, May 24, 2012

Child on Child molestation

I am pissed to the point of tears! I can't even form coherent thoughts right now, but i am so angry, i can no longer concentrate on what i'm studying unless i get it out. My sister just sent me the link to this crazy video which i will be putting up. I think it's one of the most sickening things i have ever seen in my life, and i just want to hurt somebody.

As much as i wanted to strangle that girl, i realize that she is also a victim, maybe from when she was as young as the little boy. Parents please protect your kids. I had to yell at my sister (transferred aggression) when she told me that there are only female providers at her daughters day care. No ma'am. That doesn't mean anything. It can be same sex as much as it can be opposite sex. She's a nurse and already gives the good touch vs bad touch to young kids at the clinic. I don't think my 2.5yr old niece is too young for that talk and i have told her to get on it ASAP.

I had a conversation last month, with someone who i am happy to say i'm no longer friends with. It started off with me saying when i have kids, i will not be having any relatives stay with me because of this issue of child molestation. This guy went in on me, like i was a sick twisted person for even having those kinds of thoughts. He said stuff like that doesn't happen in Nigeria, and he had never in his entire life heard of child molestation in Nigeria. He kept on saying thank God he doesn't think like me repeatedly, like i am deranged person or something. This same fool straight up told me I wasn't wife material because i think gay people don't choose to be gay. So what if i think that? Am i going to have kids and train them to be gay? Anyway, before i go off on a tangent, here's the link. Do not watch if you are easily traumatized. I am traumatized. I need to go calm the fuck down. I am so freaking upset.

P.S. The only reason i am sharing this link is for the simple fact that there are some things that are hard to believe or even imagine. I never in a million years would have been able to imagine what i saw today. The same way i couldn't believe a mother would beat her 8 month old baby the way that malaysian witch did hers. I just want people to be aware that crazy stuff like this happens, to the richest and to the poorest. We need to be mindful of that so that we can protect the ones we love. I can't tell you how many guys i know who were dis-virgined by their housegirls while they were still in primary school. They don't say it like it's child abuse but what is a primary school kid doing having sex? Anyway, i'm going to try to get this out my head and go study. This world is a sad twisted place.

*As per Sugabelly's advise, i have removed the link. Sorry folks. I don't know anything about what constitutes child pornography and i don't even want to begin to cast my thoughts that way.


  1. Delete the link. You'll be arrested. Blogger's servers are in the United States meaning that posting the link is Dissemination of Child Pornography which is a Felony ( with VERY harsh penalties - as in, the police don't even investigate, it's the FBI that handles this - )

    So please delete the link ASAP.

    The whole think is unbelievably sickening and horrifying. That an adult would witness children being sexually abused and do nothing to stop it but instead FILM it and put it on the internet shows that as a nation we have come to the fucking brink.

  2. I have heard lots about the video and I honestly do not want to see it. Heard the girl is about 11 or 14..... I still cannot understand the reasoning behind what she did. My main concern is on how the video came into existence, could it be that the act was taped by an adult? was the girl forced? so many question.

  3. No. Whoever filmed it was doing it secretly. You can even see her sneaking to check if anyone was coming. She was watchful d whole time and actually left to go look out at one time, so she definitely wasn't forced.

    I think the girl was also abused. It's very obvious cos she knows a lot for her years. I think she looks more like an 11 yr old than a 14 yr old.

  4. Why on earth would an adult film such for as long as he or she did without stepping in and stopping the rubbish! Is the person some kind of pervert or what? Azzin I don't even know what to think! The girl was too knowledgeable about what she was doing,so in my opinion she too had been a silent victim of an abuse.

  5. my heart bled when I watched it and I am yet to recover.....I just pray for grace for me not to fail as a mother and that my children will not become victims of such horrifying acts!!!


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