Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Because i'm tired of studying :) Sorry if it disappoints you but this is what my life has been reduced to. I went to the museum with friends the day after finals, maybe i will upload those pictures later.

Week 1 of studying. I was lounging.

Week 2- I am camped by the window and it is very interesting and makes me feel less like a prisoner. I usually study in my room, but with the black sheets i have over my curtains, that place feel like a dungeon (which i normally like) but i will go crazy if i am cooped up there for another month. I can't study in the library cos they like it cold and i don't. Plus, i have the weirdest habit of needing something covering my ears when i study. So it's either a hoodie or a wrapper.

My perpetually empty fridge. You will however always see some milk (silk) and yogurt.

I brought those slim fasts from home in January. Had one and i was done. It tastes like medicine.

Veggies and Tilapia. Staples in my freezer

Dinner (and breakfast and lunch :) Oatmeal, strawberry flavored cranberries and very vanilla silk soymilk. Favorite breakfast food besides yogurt and almonds. I eat A LOT of almonds. Which means i eat a lot of yogurt cos i never eat them without yogurt.
I wish i could show you guys a beginning of semester and end of  semester picture of me. It's like night and day. I don't even look like the same person. I took a picture today to send to my sister (for a really random reason) and as i was scrolling through the pictures on my phone, i saw a picture i took, right  before i came back to school in January. I just bursted out laughing. I looked like an actual human being there, whereas in the picture i took today, i look like someone who was just released from Uselu Psychiatric (or Yaba left as Lagosians would say). My sister's comment (instead of focusing on why i sent her the picture) was "What's wrong? You look sad". That cracked me up. I had to tell her, that was the new normal, and she needed to focus on what i wanted her to look at.

Ok. I'm done fooling around with this pointless post. lol. Byeeeh!


  1. E pele oo.
    Abeg dey eat oo.
    Wish you the best sis.

    p.s,,,i for like to see the pics shaa :D

  2. Are u still on Facebook? I'll add u when I go back.

  3. Yes,,,,but seldom visit there.. you can add me sha :)

  4. lol! the fridge is the one reason i could never study at home!...and my bed.
    we had a lounge in my school, thats not library quiet, so i'd take my food, blanket and all and study. was my second home!
    All the best.

  5. Please try and eat regularly oh. See me talking, when school is in session ehh am like a mugu. I look human in the beginning and midway I start metamorphosing into something without a name.

    All these would pay off missy. Amen!

  6. I would love to see your 'before' and 'after' though :)

  7. medicine does that to everyone that studies it believe'll be just fine..
    *hugs from a DR. to another..

  8. All the best o, your fridge makes me want to give you some real food. I guess you don't need the slim fast :)

  9. Your fridge looks way better than mine right
    There is food in it but the combinations and expirations are unknown. Glad you were able to get way for a little bit. All work and no play makes for a very boring Quack. :-)

  10. Co-signing Myne and Toinlicious. pele

    The good side least its healthy eating!


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