Monday, May 21, 2012


I can't believe this! I just got through that hellish week and now i'm back at it again. It is so hard for me not to be depressed. I really couldn't care less about what i am studying but i have to learn it and learn it well because i understand the importance of my board score. I usually try not to stop and think and just get through stuff, but seeing how i'm still human, it creeps up on me. I just realized all the people i promised to call after finals that i never called and i'm looking at my schedule and there's no time to call them.

The worst thing is i can't even say things will get better after this exam cos as soon as i'm done, bam! Hello, rotations. What i was thinking when i ranked surgery high, i'm not sure. My first choice was peds, and my next 3 were tracks which started with surgery. I got my second choice.I already regret not ranking tracks with vacation months first. I really wasn't thinking straight during this semester. To say i am dreading rotations, would be an understatement. To be honest, i refuse to think about it. After boards, i can worry about that. I really just want to go home for 2 days but i scheduled my exam so late (i'm not trying to rush taking the exam), that's not an option at this point. I love my life, mehn.

The people who said this med school journey doesn't get better, never lied. You should hear residents complain. One even told me, i picked this life, so i should deal with it cos it doesn't get any better. How's that for encouragement.

Sigh...let me get back to shoving all these information down my brain. Maybe i will get some to stick.

P.S Why am i just seeing that Mark Zuckerman got married to a Doctor? Hmmmm...Most of the earlier reports didn't say that.

*I need to upgrade my point and shoot camera, so i need suggestions. I don't want any overly complicated or expensive camera o. We are working on a student's budget here. Seriously, i want to explore my interest in photography. 


  1. My cousin graduated from Med school today and I used him as a point of contact for you. Don't worry, the end will justify the means. The picture of you with your robe and millon-watts smile on ur graduation should keep you going (not that that will be the end to this una medicine thing, but it is a welcome start to the end). Ndo.

  2. Thanks honey! lol. I appreciate it.

  3. {{it's going to be well hug}}

    You will excel.

  4. its all going to be worth it at the end.....keep on keeping on

  5. if it any consolation two of my best est friends are doctors today, we went through this hair pulling period too.. it will be well

  6. Medicine is Definitely a calling, and its not for the faint of heart, Remind yourself all the reasons why you wanted to be a Doctor and it would sustain you for the journey.

    Soo for cameras, if you are trying to upgrade from a regular point and shoot to a DSLR, then you could either look at the nikon D3100 or Canon 550D, or you could try a mirrorless Camera, those are really good and you could also switch lenses too so they are handy.

  7. Shukran people. I'll check ur cam suggestions out, lovelife4sale. Thank u.

  8. Sorry o. You will eat the fruit of your labour in the end

  9. I hope you'd still be a blogger because I'd really love to read your success story and how everything paid off because I know they would. *hugs*

  10. Yeah the whole med thing can be tough,but with each step you cross you feel so good you almost forget what it was like to get there. And yeah that's some consolation from the resident. It never gets easier. Each stage most def has its own hurdles.
    All the best dear!


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