Saturday, May 19, 2012


As you may or may not know, my sister is a nurse. She texted me this evening that she just had a very interesting conversation with her patient. Long story short, said patient is supposed to be taking a vacation out of the country and in preparation for that she went and had lipo and transfered the fat to her butt. Can you people see what Kim K and Nicki Minaj have caused? The butt is now infected and she might not be able to go on this trip cos she's stuck in the hospital. The infected butt looks lumpy (I asked) and her skin is dimpled like an orange peel and if it doesn't get better, they might have to make an incision and drain it, which is worse for her cosmetically.

So of course i'm making jokes about it and laughing my ass off because i just think some Americans don't have their priorities straight. This is a classic case of first world problems. My sister was like she was just trying to feel good about herself and i said she no see wetin to do, na big yansh she dey find. I just couldn't feel sorry for her. Then my sister said i should learn to have empathy for my patients. I was like, nope, this is your patient, you have the empathy and i make the jokes. LOL.

Seriously guys, what is this world coming to? I know this is not new or news anymore, but even if you have a big butt, you are not the one seeing it. The last time i checked no one had eyes on the back of their head so how can a big butt make you feel good about yourself, if you have your priorities straight? She was perfectly fine, and just for cosmetic reasons, now she's in hot soup and i'm supposed to feel sorry for her? Am i just going to be a bad doctor with no empathy for my patients? Honestly, i know i have a soft heart and i might feel differently if she was actually my patient and i got to talk to her cos according to my sister, she's in a lot of pain and her stomach is swollen from the infection but i would still think she was stupid. Really stupid.

What is wrong with people. Seriously! Just stop it and get your head out your asses and stop being so shallow. This are the same people who like to ask, "does this dress make my butt look fat?" Pick one. Is a fat butt a bad thing or not? Like i said, first world problems and i have no empathy. Body dey sweet you, you go use your hand take find trouble.

*RIP to S. Obasanjo and many others. Na so she take find trouble off herself.


  1. I couldn't help laughing also..haba! why dem like to look for trouble ehn?...well, my bakassi dey kampe...naturally endowed, so maybe that is why i don't see the fuss over big butt.........but really shaa..i pity her small...would people learn from it?..NAY! they would say it was her luck and theirs will be different!

  2. Lol, na wa oo. I believe you will be more empathetic if the person were your patient sha.

  3. Would people learn from this? No.
    everyday we hear different stories, yet people still go ahead and do stupid things.

    As regards empathy, like your sister said maybe if she was your patient and you see how much pain she is in, you will feel sorry for her...Now it is just a story for you to laugh about and learn from.

  4. I no fit laff mwhahaha!!
    Thats just plain bad luck or did she use a 'quack' doctor initially? Real pity!

    How you dey woman? love the new moniker. quite creative..

  5. 'First world problems' made me smile

    Totally agree with 'Lara


  6. I thought of S. Obasanjo as soon as I read this too... trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am.
    This is yet another reason why I would find it difficult to tow this line of career. I have been accused of being unemotional/cold-hearted a couple of times (not that I think it is a good trait). For someone like me who thinks a person should pack his own vomit, provided he is not paralysed, it will be very very hard for me to sympathize with this kain situation. Nawa!I hope she recovers soon though

  7. lol @ unless they are paralyzed they should pack their own vomit. Too funny, HoneyDame.

  8. Okay you made it sound really funny. Unlucky her chai. I'm sure she knows many people who had it done successfully but her own turn yawa come gas. What a vacation. Funny enough when she's okay. She might decide to take from her cheeks and add to the butt again. We never learn..

  9. People just don't learn. lol@ Nicki Minaj and Kim K.


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