Saturday, May 26, 2012


  1. Would it be weird/rude to explicitly ask guests not to post pictures of your wedding on their Facebook pages?
  2. Why do people seem to think that Edo people have a patent on juju? Are you saying uzobo pots are not the norm on the junction of every street in other states? ;) Just wondering cos i read comments on Linda Ikeji's blog. Let's not talk about the ashawo stereotype that i wasn't even aware of until 2010. Where's the love people. Why are Edo people getting such a bad rap? My friend's almost boyfriend told his mother that my friend is an Edo chic, and she told him "Good luck". lol!!!!!! Funnnnny!!!


  1. 1. I think it'd be better if cameras were not allowed at the wedding. That way only the hired photographer has pictures of the wedding.(yankee, this won't be much of a big deal but naija e go hard!)

    2. Lol these are stereotypes oh and I won't lie and say I've seen with my two korokoro eyes but I believe in the stereotype and yes I'm ashamed of myself for believing. Not withstanding, there are always exceptions.

  2. 1. I don't think it will be rude, it's a preference thing and a very valid one at that. Some people take very unflattering pictures and post them on facebook anyway.

    2. hahahahah... you know how you hear things so often and you grow to believe them even if you never experience them? well.. i think that is the case with most tribal stereotypes in Nigeria.

    NB: I don't think what I typed makes a lot of sense, I will blame it on sleep.

  3. i have thought about #1 to but like it has been said, e go hard for Naija sha...but i think all dose stinkingly rich people are usually able to pull it off sha.

    as for #2, I rest my case. I dont know of any Edo juju person. I have never had any encounter with one...yet it is a stereotype that I have heard many times without count.

  4. In this era of mobile phone cameras and stuff, it may be quite difficult. Unless you have an intimate wedding with just few guests who you know and trust.

    I've not heard the Edo juju stereotype, but I do know the italo one, and I believe it has some grains of truth. Another stereotype for old bendel is that of haing many old widows and witches.

  5. 1. Yes some people would find it rude,and go all like "what's she feeling like". And frankly like it has been said such would be hard to acheive in naija.

    2. I've always heard about edo and jazz and the italo connection. I've got friends from bini who have some tales too.
    But don't all states have their own stereotypes ?


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