Saturday, September 4, 2010


I had forgotten how this miserable place was. As i tried to settle down to study last night, i noticed it was cold. I had on a night shirt, so i went and put on a large sweater (gulp), still cold. So i put on jammy bottoms, still cold. Then i put on socks, still cold. Put the hood of the sweater over my head, then the sweater started to itch. Took it off and put my wrapper over my head. It's September for christ sakes, what is it doing being cold?

This apartment i just moved to has "free heat". Ok! My last apartment had free heat and i was blasting 80 degrees all winter last yr. It made me not want to shoot myself cos it got cold!!!! Not canada cold, but COLD!!! Guess what?! This new place has free heat, but come to find out there are no thermostats in the apartments. Apparently, it's central heat?! I don die. I am never comfortable at the average temperature. To make things worse, i left my space heater in Atlanta, but thankfully i have to go home soon for a minute, so i can bring it back with me. My last apartment had covered parking, but it really wasn't a "nice" place. This place is so much nicer, and cheaper (i get a discount for being a med student) but no covered parking. So i will be shoveling snow with the rest of them this year. It starts to snow in October in this miserable state.

It's going to be a longgggggggggg winter.


  1. LOL!!!!! Canada is not THAT cold...iThink...hmmm.... Its cold already!..:(

  2. Hang in there.

    Taciturn Turned Talkative

  3. Auch! Just cover up well well o!

  4. bwahaha how could you leave atl for Canada!

    It's like freezing. This might be a good reason to go shopping.


  5. thAnks guys!
    @Vanity: I'm not in canada o! lol

  6. "not Canada cold" had me Ms. O said, in our part of Canada it's already getting cold...not Arctic cold though ;)

    Hang in there...once you get your space heater and perfect the art of wearing layers (3+ tops at least!) you'll be fine!


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