Monday, September 6, 2010


I want to kill those two boys!!!

One called at 4.03am and the other at 4.52am. The first one almost gets a pass cos he lives in Nigeria and he might not have thought of the time difference. The second one lives in Atlanta. I should just strangle him. I bet he was coming back from the club too and decided to call me at that time. I'm not playing with my precious sleep these days.

The first call woke me up and i had to get up from my couch to get the phone. Even though i hadn't spoken to this dude in a year, i didn't take the call. I just wanted to sleep. Foolish me stopped the ringer and went to lie down, only for Mr. Atlanta to call me less than 50 mins later. I was annoyed and put my phone on silent after that. Well, i guess i should confess and tell u guys that Mr. Atlanta is none other than nasty voicemail guy that i decided to forgive recently. Since then i've only spoken to him once. I guess it's the give them an inch and they will take a mile thing going on right now. He's about to be put on lock down, starting now.

From now on whenever i sleep, my phone sleeps too.


  1. Sigh

    I hate it when my sleep is disturbed...

    Sorry dear. Hope you dont miss an important call someday...

  2. yeh rite ull put him on lock down we heard it all mind my sleep disturbed must be a good reason though..hp u told atlanta guy wat time it is ..cos like u rightly said he'd take more than an inch

    tk care barefeet

  3. On the west coast, we're the worst hit for time zone illiterates, lol. I also switch off the phone.

  4. I don't understand why some people can't just check the time before calling, maybe they just enjoy disturbing. Sigh!

  5. LMAO@u wanting to kill phone doesnt go off for no one...but believe you wish you didnt call me late at night when its not an emergency...

    take am easy oh madam...heehee...our precious sleep

  6. lol pele, dont support switching off ur 4one tho' u neva kno which might be important.

    *how u

  7. I hear you!!!

    I started putting my phone on silent but then I found that my alarm wouldnt sound in the morning and getting in late to work is not the lick! Luckily now I have sorted the settings and good night's sleep are all mine o mine!!!


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