Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My bruised and battered heart

I am paralyzed by the amount of school work i have to do. Just for today's lecture alone, i have 95 power point slides to go through for human development and 18 densely packed pages of biochem notes that i have to go through tonight unless i will be behind. The previous lectures from last week and yesterday that i have gone through, i still need to go over, so i don't forget. I have tons of information swimming in my head that have not yet been consolidated.  Anatomy, cranial nerves OMG! Plus all the other stuff. In fact, the cranial nerves are not so bad, compared to all those other innervation pathways. I'm exhausted but too scared to take a nap cos i KNOW i will not wake up until tomorrow. Caffeine....how i miss thee!

Now that i have written another chapter in my personal book of lamentations, i shall take my leave of you and go and study! Farewell.


  1. Dear God,
    Please grant Sting the strength she needs to cope with her school load. Please, help her use her time more effectively. Amen.

    Dear Sting,
    You can do it! Take care.

  2. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you... don't be scared :D

  3. The race is not for the strong or for the fastest or for the swift but to whom GOD gives HIS GRACE to... YOU SHALL OVERCOME.


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