Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm supposed to be in class right now but i'm too tired to move. Woke up at 6.30a, then went back to sleep. I didn't even know i was this tired until after i got home yesterday and i lay on my couch all day from 1p until 12a when i went to sleep. Now u ask, if you were so tired why didn't u go to sleep earlier? By 9p i was struggling to keep my eyes open, but after watching the second part of the real housewives reunion on, i watch flipping out (love that show) then ventured back to hulu to start watching Reaper. I had to force myself to put my computer down. I have no idea why i was paying good money for cable last year when i can watch shows for free.

I hate living alone!!! The silence is deafening, plus i start to think about stuff i'd rather not, so watching those shows was a good distraction until it turned into punishment.

Anyhoo...I went and got a domain name for this blog yesterday. I figured since i waste money on stupid stuff $10 a year is not a bad idea. So i got it from google Apps, figuring that since it's from them, i wouldn't have any issues. Wrong. Tried switching this blog to the custom domain and it keeps telling me another blog is hosted at this site. I found that other people have had that issue, but God knows i can't make heads or tail of how to fix it. To say i'm lost is an understatement. Funny how earlier in the day i was telling my friend that my TV is set to watch DVDs and i have to idea how to do anything else with it cos i lost the manual. Someone had to even help me set it to watch DVD's in the first place. I keep wondering to myself what happened to all the "simple" to operate TVs.  I think i'm severely IT challenged.

Anyway, if anyone has any idea how to fix this domain problem, pls be so kind as to email me at and help a sister out. Na beg i dey, if not i will just be paying for something that i know i will never use cos God knows i have to idea how to go about fixing this. 

I really should get out of this couch and go be productive. Can someone help me explain to myself why i have abandoned my very comfortable pillow top mattress to be sleeping on this old, used couch i got off craigslist for $200. The couch is not that comfortable, so i don't understand. I guess is the living alone thing that's getting to me.

BTW, i forgot to tell u guys someone said i sound more intelligent when i speak then when i write. He has read my blog by the way. I don't know how i feel about that. I actually thought it was the opposite. Anyway, he should know. You guys have no way of accessing that cos i've never put up an audio post. Still not tempted to put one up. I find writing therapeutic.

Ok, i'm off to try to do something productive with my life while my mates are in class. BTW, i survived my first block amazingly well without the help of any caffeine products. Maybe that's why i'm so tired. I've been surviving on God's grace, adrenaline and lot's of power naps (that turn into 2-3hr sleep sessions). Thank God sha! 3 more blocks to go. I can't wait for Dec 17th.


  1. I love living alone....All dat is about to end in a couple of months...gosh,i need God to help me thru it o...

    Same thing happened to me in july...chei,i panicked and switched to godaddy.....which was more expensive....

    Try and clear ur cache first....and see if that works...if not give it another 24 hrs for them to clear it up....

    if that doesnt work...try and see if the site is still available via godaddy....

  2. I didn't buy from godaddy. I bought directly from google. LOL @clear ur cache.... i have no idea what that means.

    Good luck on ur upcoming nuptials. Don't worry, u will adjust.

  3. Irony of life,me I love been alone oh...after spending my day with all sorts of people,I appreciate my home been for only me....if only I could be in my house with @ most jus d hubby...:)


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