Friday, September 24, 2010

Ask me anything

I thought it would be nice to make my blog a little more interactive, so i got a formspring account. So if you've got a question for me, go ahead and ask. Don't be shy. :)


  1. lets see a new sexy picture stingy

    i cant wait

  2. lol....have u even seen a picture of me? I'll c what i can do, don't know about sexy though.

  3. Alright! I'm putting this on my blog too.

  4. ha! nothing comes to mind now but i concur with James...wait a minute! are all your family in abroad?

  5. @Ms. Nitty, ask the question on formspring, top right hand corner of my blog. I'll answer you here anyway. I only have one sister and a niece in naija, everyone else is in the states.

  6. i think i have back in the day

    i know you have alot of sex appeal

    you are a scorpio the most sexually conscious women in astrology

    you show me yours and ill show you mine :-)


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