Thursday, August 19, 2010


My last post was my 100th post for the year. Considering my total posts last year was 123, i wonder what i have been yapping about this year.

Been studying since i woke up. I set one alarm for 5a and another one for 5.30a, both came and went and i refused to wake up. Finally got up at 6a, class was at 8.30a, i was supposed to skim read 3 chapters before going to class. Somehow, somehow, i talked myself back into bed and decided to skip class today. Woke up and started studying at 8.30a. It took me 7 freaking hours (with a couple of breaks in between to finish one chapter. I have 2 more to go. That's just to catch up with the lectures of today. If na before, i for don finish tay tay, but i am memorizing as i go along, no time to waste.

I have 7 more chapters to go over this night then add the 3 lectures of today, that makes 10 chapters and 178 pages for this week just in Genetics o. I made the mistake of glossing over the notes last year and not memorizing everything. Of course, i failed the test. I don sleep my last sleep until Monday night. I must honor this test.

Medical school..... Is it too early to start complaining (again)?


  1. LOL. Doctor Sting, take heart.

    Hehe! How does Doctor Sting sound? You'd be fine!

  2. I'll be your first patient. But um you gats to pass first

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  4. Nope! not at all. And we are here to encourage you still. Good luck with studying.

  5. Keep doing it girl, yes you can. All the best dear...

  6. be patient my dear,a journey of a thousand mile begins with a will get there, just keep the midnight candle burning you hear?... you would be compensated by the time you start to charge patients big big money for consultation.....hehehehe....take care.


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