Sunday, August 22, 2010


I wasted today feeling like crap.....barely studied or rather studied with little focus or concentration. Now it's 11pm and I'm tired. The good thing is i had studied really hard during the week before things got bad so i am fairly confident i will do well. I wouldn't have spent most of the day moping if i didn't feel i had a good grasp of the material. The difference between my preparedness last year and this year is enormous. I remember freaking out about having to study 178 pages in a week and barely getting through it twice. This year i have gone over it 3 times in all chapters and 4 times in the ones that were meaty and i mean gone over it with a fine tooth comb and memorizing stuff. Last year, i was reading like i was reading a novel...... I sorry for myself.

Question to self: Why am i blogging right now?

I guess i feel the need to talk to someone or release some tension. Been mighty sad. Dug up the mental health pamphlet from my school and was thinking of going back to therapy. I get 8 free sessions b4 i have to start paying or rather before my insurance has to get involved. I thought i had decided on it, but i might hold off on it and see how i feel. I've got issues mehn! We all do, but i'm ready to deal with mine.

Looking forward to going home next month. Have some stuff to do in Atlanta. I get to see my niece, the Iz! stock up on plantain chips and turkey neck. Seriously, turkey necks are the best snack ever. I just discovered that when i went home after i left Florida. I went to the farmer's market with my sister and in addition to the other meat she got, she got turkey necks and ribs. I was like, what are u planning to do with that?(not in a nice way) She told me to wait and see......after my mom had seasoned and baked it, i willingly went over to the dark side. In fact, i don't even want to eat the regular parts of turkey now, i just want the neck.

By the way, my one and only blogger --> Skype---> friend-friend, i think u r awesome. You really are. Thank you.

I shall be back with good news tomorrow. Wish me luck.


  1. You're such a brave young woman. Lol. Sending some love and strength your way...and I pray that you do excellently well, not only on this exam, but in your entire medical career. My hope is that you realize that you're the HEAD and not the TAIL, and that you deserve the very best.

  2. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way, and goodluck for your exam!

  3. All the best in your exam and the rest of the semester. God's excellent Spirit is yours In Jesus Name.

  4. good luck!'s well...go & knock them out joor! such confidence....take care

  5. Sting everything will turn out well seriously. Dont be sad, and try not to let your sadness affect you outlook. Chin up ok x

  6. U r a strong woman:)
    Wishing you all the best!!!

  7. Most definitely there will be good news tomorrow

    Success is yours


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