Friday, August 20, 2010

Forgive me

I am going to be using this space as facebook/twitter since i am not a member of those at the moment. Well, i'm still on twitter, but i never took to it. Writing here helps me feel less crazy and isolated, even though i really am both of those things.

Study update: All 10 chapters read at least once, the earlier chapters at least twice. Now for the fine tooth comb approach which simply means memorizing every little freaking detail. Come to find out some of the questions are VERY detail orientated.....who would have thunk it?!! In med school.....NO!!!

I need to see a Doctor sharpish. This stupid gastritis is acting up badly and Zantac is not working anymore. Worst of all, i can't drink anything with caffeine, which is as good as death by hanging in med school.

Oh, because i need someone to forgive me, i decided to forgive someone in return. Remember that dude who left that nasty voicemail for me and wouldn't stop calling? (It's okay if you don't remember, i'll link it eventually) He did eventually stop calling, but not really cos he called once in June, then called again last week. I figured since it was still on his mind up until now to ask me for forgiveness, then i should go ahead and tell him i have forgiven him. So i did that this evening and i told him i hope i did not make a mistake.

I want to take a nap, but it always turns into full blown sleep esp since i don't have the help of caffeine. I think i'll suck it up and stay awake.

What do u guys think of the name Sunny (instead of Sting).....i think it's a beautiful name for a girl, and if i have a daughter i'll probably name her that.

That's all folks.



  2. I forgave someone yesterday and it felt great...

    Hmm Sunny???? hmmmm to me is Just a Bla Name....

    Have a fantablous weekend.

  3. you can and WILL survive med school without coffee. I dont drink coffee.

  4. Thanks Pple....
    @Bumight: How did u go it? I can't drink anything that has caffeine in it, including sodas and energy drinks.

  5. ok.,,, u called that nutta cant believe u...sha wateva happens neva b left alone in the same environment...forgiveness doesnt mean meeting up oo...cos like i said in the other post if he has a chance albeit now or then he wud rape my gyal be per med school dunno wat to say red bull works wonders for me and its got d best...

    p.s we need the details of the forgiveness saga...and who u hurt etc

  6. @barefeet: I told him o, that i don't feel safe with him and felt like he would have raped me if he had the chance. We are in two diff states, FAR away from each other. Not trying to be friends with the dude, just wanted to let him know i had forgiven him cos he is relentless and i'm not God. Like i said, i hope i did not make a mistake.

    As for who hurt who and who needs to forgive me, that will just have to remain my secret. I haven't been forgiven yet.

  7. lmao!! I also go into full blown sleep as opposed to naps.

    perhaps the person might forgive in time, depends on what you did big or small. but perhaps it might be easier for u to let go and find a way to move on whether or not they forgive us.

  8. SUNNY??? No way!

    Let's make it a little more classy!

  9. Hi sweet, I'm so sorry I've been awol..
    Right after my birthday, things just got crazy..
    Not enough excuse though...
    I've been on your blog for the past 30mins updating myself on YOU and I promise to call you as soon as possible..
    You'd be fine okay?
    On friends to roll with? I know you're astute and have your head firmly on your shoulders so,you'd meet good friends dear..
    On forgiveness?... please do try..
    always even when they aren't worth it okay?
    Take care my dearest..
    Talk to you soon..

  10. Sunny is kind of a blah name. But if it makes you happy


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