Monday, May 17, 2010


I feel like i'm able to breath again. Finally! I;m really thankful for that. I missed being my cheerful, talk a whole lot of nonsense goofy self. So because i'm nice, i'm going to share my cute friend with u guys. He's one of the cute guys i talked about but i won't say which one.

 Check out 0.27s of the video. He's the dude on the left.

On to more serious business. I am calling for June Birthday for my blogsville Gist blog. You can either leave it here or go over to the Blogsville Gist blog and leave it over there. Hopefully, i will have it up the on time so we can celebrate with all the people celebrating their birthdays in June.

Bye Lovies.


  1. hmmm is he the one giving the fist bump? I'm june 18th

  2. Well! am glad you got your GROOVE back gal! I missed it i tell you! Welcome back come on HIT us good! hehehe....*hug*

  3. WELCOME BACK!!! I wasn't feeling your down-in-the-dumps mood jo. Do all you have to to stay upbeat o.

  4. I have to get to a computer to watch that video. Glad you're better than you have been in recent times.

    Give it up for the June babies! I close the Month On the 30th

  5. @lahlah: Yes he is.
    @nitty Gritty: Thanks
    @Isha: Thanks. I'm trying my best.
    @Sirius: Thanks.

  6. He is cute sha but it was so brief. I like the smile on his face sha, lol.


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