Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thots on a Saturday Afternoon

I'm lying here trying to figure out how i ended up in this love triangle. Two cousins vs. Sting. Recipe for disaster.

I decided to start taking active steps to live life to the fullest and stop being so passive about some of the things i want to do. I need to break out of my shell and go out there and meet people. So i have decided to make a bucket list. Maybe when I'm done I'll share it with you guys but i suspect that it will be an ongoing list.

First couple of things though is register to be a bone marrow donor and when i go do a change of address on my license become an organ donor also. I'm also interested in AIDS awareness, my school has an organization solely dedicated to that and i plan to be very active in it when i get back. I guess if i was trying to find positives out of my school situation, one of the good things is when i go back, i know exactly what i will be involved in and what not to waste my time on.

Like the free clinic, i will definitely not be signing up for that. Yes, it's an awesome idea, the only problem is you have no control when you will be scheduled to work at the clinic. Last semester, i was scheduled to work the weekend before an exam. Me being me, I did not bother to show up which i know is very unprofessional and of course i got reprimanded for it. I just feel like if I'm volunteering for something, i should be able to pick a time when it's convenient for me, otherwise, it's no longer volunteering. SNMA, i don't think i will bother with too much. They still owe me $9 or a tee shirt. How are you going to pass out t-shirts at a party and don't bother to look for those were not there. Best believe I'm getting my t-shirt when i go back.

Crap! I just remembered i haven't filled out my video mentoring application. It took them over 2 months to get back to me, so i can make them wait too. That's something i really want to do, so I'll stop procrastinating and get on it.

My 19yr old 2nd cousin (her dad is my first cousin) wrote on facebook "My father is a fucking cunt". I thot someone was playing a prank with her FB account, cos her brother's friends tend to mess with his FB a lot and put that he is gay and stuff like that. Anyway, she wasn't joking cos she and her friends commented on it and she wrote some more stuff. Mind you, i am from a very large family and only met this chic on facebook. Her grandfather was my dad's oldest brother (so her grandfather was my uncle; he's late). I'm not the only relative she has on facebook cos we have more than a few mutual friends with the same last name. It just made me wonder how aware she is that everyone can see what she writes on her status message or does she not just care?

I've heard pple complain that some people share TMI on FB. I've never had that experience, if someones feed is annoying me for whatever reason, i hide it sharp, sharp. I have over 50 "friends"  that i have hidden their feed from my page. Don't want to know or see, u r stressing me out.

Does anyone watch The Real Housewives of NY? I just watched the last episode on demand today. Is it just me or is Kelly really crazy? I think she has some mental illness. All joking aside. I see symptoms, big time. Unless she's putting on a show. I had a patient yesterday who thot she was the queen of England. No joke!! Young, good looking chic too. Sad!

I won a free meal at work, cos someone nominated me for doing a good job. I met one of the directors yesterday and she asked me my name when i told her, she was like I've heard a lot of good things about you. I was surprised, well not that surprised. They all love me and want to work with me cos i actually work instead of act busy. Anyhoodle, I'm off to work. Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys and if you haven't already, check this out. Gotta love him.


  1. I was here..
    I read..
    Have a splendid weekend too..

  2. lol....that was funny. Have a good weekend too. I appreciate the comment :D

  3. One thing..
    Have fun as you like..
    Guard your heart cus only you matter.
    I loved your post..

  4. most definitely kelly is crazy.

  5. I enjoyed reading that.

    Hope the rest of your weekend was lovely. Enjoy your week!


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