Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I don jam another fine boy!!!! God, help me! Look at me, smiling like a christmas goat today. The main thing is instead of me spending the evening moping around and being sad, i spent it smiling and laughing with my friend's cousin. He told me i was very pretty. I told him about my current situation, and he was like, one door has to close for another one to open. I can't remember how i responded, but he was like, you don't know whether another door has just opened. Hmmmmm......

God, what is with me and all these fine boys? They are not good for me o! but they won't leave me alone. Thinking of him is just making me smile. I'm in trouble!!!

Double Mschewwwww! Dude has a girlfriend. Thank God for facebook. Shey i said it. After flirting with me yesterday, sending me a message this morning, then asking for my number and calling me this evening, only to find out he has a serious chic. God punish him.


  1. uhum yeah,uhum no good definately no good for you (clears throats) what is it that they say these days oh "too much of good thing is not good" something like that biko send some my, glad your day brightened, safe to say goodbye april and yay for may?

  2. LOL.... I shall be sending some ur way. I hope May is much better than April o!

  3. lol. Its good that you have commited it in the hands of God!

  4. omg! omg!omg!!!!

    I'm so happy for you!!!!!!

    Fine boys are hard to find!!!!!!!!!

    Oya!! Quickly shag him and do a post for us to read!!!!!

  5. Hmmn..someone's got a love jones

  6. You no serious!
    Haba! Close eye small oh..
    I'm happy for that you get to smile jare.. Whatever makes you sleep well at night and and get over the old mess.

  7. Omo, see gist! Babe abeg follow ur hear jare, no dulling o! Thunder fire devil!

  8. @NBB: yes o!
    @Sugabelly: I actually burst out laughing. Shag him ke? That is not on the agenda at all o!
    @Harry: Tell me about it.
    @Chacha: I dey try to close eye well well, e no let me.
    @Sugarking: Yes o! Thunder fire devil.

  9. I'm so glad you are not moping around the house and enjoy the flirting BUT remember you need to focus on you for some time. Don't let his "fineness" drag you into some more drama.

  10. lol. Dude's like most dudes. They have 'serious' girlfriends but still won't mind adding extras . . . just in case. And methinks you really got the 'love jones' too. lol

  11. lol..& A BIG AMEN! my sista, hope say e no be 'fine-boy-no-pimples' sha? LMHO! Yes! they are definitely not good for you![tongue-in-cheek!]


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