Monday, May 31, 2010

Pick me, chose me, let me be the

Hey Lovies,
How are u guys doing? I have gist aplenty. This is actually my 4th attempt to put up a post in the last couple of days, and by hook or crook, i shall blog today.  Ahem, cough, cough, before i go any further, today is the 31st of May O! It's time to head up over to The Nigerian Blog Awards and support your girl, Sting for best personal blog and Blog(s)Ville Gist for best group or collaborative Blog. I think it would be awesome to win, and we can all come back here and eat some cheesecake to celebrate : D. Well, if you don't like cheesecake, u can at least watch me eat mine. Either way it's a win, win situation.

Now on to amebo gist. My bachelor situation has taken an unexpected turn. Craziness, i tell ya! Remember the video i put up? 0.27s, oya go and look and come back. Did u look? Isn't he cute? That's all i'm saying. So while all this is going on, Mr. Man that i thot i was done with, decides to come back. I just want to run away from it all. Too much activity for me. In spite of all the madness, i still look forward to the day that i will know within myself that i found the right person for me.

Moving on, on Friday when i got to work, i found out they had assigned me to work on the kids unit.  I freaked out for like 2 minutes, like seriously freaked out. Kids at mental hospitals scare me. The ones at my current job mostly have behavior issues and the only time i ever worked on that unit was during my orientation at the beginning of March so i felt like a fish out of water. I sha prayed and it was a very easy and calm day. They all behaved very well on friday during my shift.  Looking at the kids behave like hooligans both yesterday and today, just let me know that God answers prayers because those kids are bad. I don't have power to be shouting, breaking up fights or any of that crap. Staff gets hurt all the time on that unit. I didn't feel so bad for freaking out when a dude came on this afternoon and refused to work there.

Let me leave you guys with some cuteness. Remember to go vote! I love you guys very much and marvel at how we have managed to become an online community. Don't forget to join the Nigerian Blog Awards page on facebook HERE. You guys are awesome. Have a good week guys and be safe.


  1. have Man-drama!

    Ur niece is a cutieeee!
    Congrats on ur nomination too! All the best!

  2. So, cheesecake is all you can offer??? I no blame you

    Hope u win...LOL

  3. @Miss Enigma: Thankssss....

    @Baroque: Okay, what do u want? I hope u r not only hoping i win? U can vote for me too, u know ;D

  4. and this your man drama sef, abeg do and find mr right jo!

    Cute baby. Congrats on your nominations, voted for u already :)

  5. Congrats on your nomination babe, all the best!!!

  6. She's a cutie!!!! Im a fan of your blog now!!!!!!!!

  7. goodluck...hope you win!...mental kids? too like cheesecake! the side effect na excess gas chei?...ur niece is cute...which guy?...careful o!


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