Saturday, February 20, 2010

War of Words

I can't believe i spent the last hr fighting with some random chic i don't know on facebook! I haven't been so entertained in a long time though. I love words. You want to have a war of words with me, 9 out of 10 times, u'll lose. All this was over Man U o! Meanwhile, i am a piggy back man u supporter, and she thot i was against man u and she pretty much told me to chop shit. Well, that's where all hell broke loose. Anyway, i enjoyed myself.

Since i'm so jobless at the moment, i will oblige Simeone and copy and paste the conversation. I will leave out other pple's comments that are irrelevant.

Friend's Status aka cause of the whole wahala: Yeah!!! MAN U for life...hehehe (Come to find out l8r he was an arsenal fan that was being sarcastic)
 Me: Didn't they lose?
 Unknown chic:Yeah so? MANCHESTER UNITED FOR EVER!!!! You've a problem with that chop shit!
 Me:@Unknown chic.... who r u? I was asking Friend a question, i don't know what hole u crawled out from. Pls learn some manners, it would take u far in life.
 Random guy: Sting... I doubt that was directed at you
Unknown Chic: Do you mind the over ambitious by-stander who is so desperate for attention? Man U rocks! Deal with it?
Me: Deal with it? Learning how to use punctuation to get ur point across would help also. Seeing how u came from nowhere to contribute, i think that qualifies YOU as the bystander. FYI, i actually support Man U. You r just an overzealous rock.
Unknown chic: Yeah sweaty pants! You are so dim-witted that bothering to reply you is depressing, really. You support Man U? So? Besides, this isn't your status is it? It just kills you that your ineptitude is exposed and you can't deal with it....i pity you seriously....
Me: Wow, now that u have used all the big words u manage to possess in ur limited vocabulary, i bet that makes u seem 10 times smarter. Mumu X10. It depresses u to reply, yet u keep replying. U must like being depressed. Ezinne, i must contribute. Now, that i have entertained myself with u this morning, i will leave u to ur depression. Seek help b4 u get to the point of wanting to kill urself o!!
@Friend: My apologies for using ur status to play with this old woman with a little girl's brain.
Unknown Chic: You are pathetic puppy-poop and your case, laughable! You are sadly despondent and i honestly shouldn't let you expose your depreciating state of dementia but, what the heck? It makes for great entertainment so darling-idiot, yak on!
Random Guy 2: Woow! i sense some hostility up in ere!!...united and wazza still rule..
Unknown Chic: Oh Sting, now its clear...enjoy your moment of stupidity!
Random Guy 1: United we stand before oh!!! Wetin be this. I order every1 to take back their statements... Or una de period. Show some luv
Me: lol....Unknown Chic are u still replying? Don't tear ur dictionary o! Anyway, u must like being depressed. Keep replying. I'm entertained by ur use of English. Anyhoodle, thanks for being such a great sport. I was bored before u decided to come talk anyhow to someone u don't know. Man U supporter of the year! I have awarded u that. I hope u r happy now, so u can let ur dictionary rest. How's ur depression? LOL... ah mehn. I am so tickled by this chic.
Unknown Chic: Random Guy 1...i wasn't even talking to her in the first place but its pretty obvious her myopia. Oh yeah babe...its been an interesting day and glad to spice up your otherwise boring life, thank you very much. Thank you for the award and have been rehearsing my acceptance speech but now it has come, i'm chocked with emotion... United for ever!Now "Friend", where are you?
Me: LOL.... u r such a rock!
Random Guy I: E clear... No wonder every1's talking bout depression. This 1 surpasses d bond shared by d United 1's. Kev must be somewhere laffin his soul out. Man U fans fight on arsenal fans page. UNIMPRESSIVE.
Unknown Chic: Pleasure's all mine!
Me: damn... u r slow sha! Rock = dunce. It's okay sha. I understand. English is hard for some pple.
Unknown Chic: Random Guy I...she isn't even a supporter! Note her first comment..'didn't they loose'..and she's claiming Man U..besides, if she were, she'd have hailed and moved on but i guess she missed out on common sense. Whatever makes you sleep silly! Pleasure's all mine.
Me: My first comment was a question dummy!!! An innocent question for that matter. Anyway, u r getting boring, i think u should go and sit down somewhere.
Random Guy I: Ha!!! Ok... Round 2 . Some1, any1 should pls show some maturity here. Or r y'all gonna prove my notion on d irrationality of d female folk?
Me: No need for the bells Random Guy I, i have left the old woman alone. I just have a problem with people who are rude just because they are on the internet.
Unknown Chic:Darling Sting, pumpkin, pray for old-age.
Now i'm depressed! Arsenal n Chelsea won their matches..:-(
Random Guy 3: Random Guy I, c wetin dis 'goner' dey cos. Shame arsenal fans. Kiss n make up. N prove utd we stand
Unknown Chic: Random Guy hard-feelings whatsoever really... Sting, it was really nice talking with you. Up Manchester United!!!

So this is pretty much how i spent my Saturday morning. It was very immature, i know but i so enjoyed it. It was actually very stimulating. I can't remember the last time i did this with anyone. So allow me my one day of childishness. I totally earned it. 


  1. incomplete story...
    where are the lines..?

  2. Lmao tell her o tell her..
    Crazy ppl be hating on our glorious club

  3. hmm.. you really have time on your hands and utilized it oh.. got serious talk with you.. will send you a mail, thanks..

  4. nothing like the poor use of large words in an argument to make you cringe with second hand embarrassment. *sigh*

  5. Lmao omg I laughed so much reading this! Why did she have to lie about talking to you? She was SO obviously talking to you lol!


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