Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank God 4 Fathers

  • Mine flew in yesterday, helped me move my stuff to storage and then drove me 13 hrs straight to Atlanta.
  • Well, 13 hrs minus the 20 mins i drove at the beginning of the trip before i was kicked to the passenger's side for driving too slow and almost missing the first toll booth. Chicago people and their toll booths sha!
  • Got pulled over in Kentucky and was given a $203 ticket for driving 91 in a 70 zone
  • I still taxed him for all the money he had on him after i dropped him off at his house. 
  • Might be going to Nigeria this yr courtesy of my Padre. Keeping my fingers crossed. 
  • In the last 7 plus years my relationship with my dad has evolved from anger to resentment, to acceptance. It's easy to get along with someone when u accept them for who they are.
  • He has greatly redeemed himself in my eyes in more ways than one. Who would have thunk it.
I remember those questions they used to ask back then on NTA
  • If u were in a life or death situation with your mom and dad and could only save one who would it be?
  • Who are you closer to, your mom or dad? 
What's ur answer? I bet most people would say mom without thinking twice. 


    1. I would save my mother without thinking twice. I wouldn't even look at my father or listen to his pathetic pleas.

    2. lol...@ pathetic pleas. I understand why, Sugabelly.

    3. i would save my mum...i love my dad and hes cool and i used to prefer him but after a while my mum nd i got closer.def my mum.

    4. Honestly, I don't know... It is easier said than done..

    5. Well my dad already passed away. I love my mum to the end of the world. if i was given the choice, I wont save my dad over my mum. She gets saved before anyone.,...unless of course my child.

    6. Chai Sugabelly sef! lol. Ah, both my parents are equally gbaski people o! that would be a tough one.

    7. I love my dad and all dat but am the only child of my dad has 2 other eh eh i would save my mama first o.

    8. I love both my parents but I would save my Dad, that guy is too much jare.

      Your dad sounds sweet too.

    9. I would save my mother. We are closer.

    10. thank God for fathers oh, cant choose. I love both my parents equally but get along more with my dad.

    11. babes, did u get my emails and DM? oya send me an email or call me!

    12. lol @ sugabelly

      @sugaking what does gbaski mean?

      men...this question sa!!i dont know..i cant choose o!!My dad is the cool & friendly one, but my mom is the one who knows how to handle situations and keep everyone together....shit!!I cant choose


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