Monday, February 22, 2010

Emotional Abuse

No one has made me feel like this in a long time. I feel so out of control, like i can't get my emotions in check and i'm letting someone get the better of me. It's not that serious. No one can put you through what u don't let them. I've had many bad days this yr and today was right up there with the rest of them, but instead of being about school stress, it was because of a boy. My emotions just got out of hand and unfortunately i can't attribute it to PMS.

Your apologies just fuel my anger. Ordinarily, we would have been fine since yesterday, but i just couldn't stop being angry, to the point where i made u angry and now we are on this stupid roller coaster.
Who's apologizing to who? I've spent ovr 24hrs been mad, but now when i am ready to stop being mad, u decide to start being mad. I'm still angry, but right now i want ur attention more than i want to be angry and i can't get it.

Now i'm miserable/sad and still angry. I want to hate u so bad!!!!


  1. *sigh* Isn't love or like such an annoyin rollercoaster of emotions sometimes??? But we keep longing for it anyway....u'll be fine dear.

  2. The roller-coaster of love. You just have to keep trying.

  3. hmm, please dear, take it easy..wouldn't want any hurt to come to you.wrote a post ' save our soul' and sent you a mail.. what do you think?

  4. its always hard
    when u love sum1 or have strong feelings for sum1, things they do get to u d most, am like that
    just calm down, he will come around

  5. Oh yea...I hate that feeling.


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