Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wetin now? - Repost

I wrote this post over a year ago, April 5th 2008 to be precise, and i find that this is still valid. You people haven't repented and changed ur ways. I still dey vex!

I dey vex seriously. What's up with all u bloggers out there that have word verification on ur comment section? Na punishment? I just want to write a comment and click send without having to strain my eyes to decipher nonsense letters. I think all u bloggers who have word verification should be seriously fined and all the money should go to me to compensate for my pain and suffering. Initially, it wasn't a lot of people that had it, now it's like an epidemic that has overtaken blogsville. I know they say it reduces spam comments, but make una talk true, how many of una don get spam comment b4? Abeg, i think this punishment needs to end soon.

And while we are on the subject of things that are vexing me on blogsville, come!, what's with the music on everyone's blog? First of all, person no fit sneak read blog for work without drawing attention to myself. As soon as page load, music go just dey blast for person ear. Secondly, i'm one of those people that cannot read and listen to music at the same time. Trust me. Listening to the music always wins over reading. My brain cannot handle those two tasks efficiently cos i enjoy both, and i need to give each undivided attention. Na blog i come read, no be music i come listen to abeg.

Lastly, what's with the pop up windows for comments? I am an amebo, and i want to click on the link of people who left interesting comments on other people's blogs so i can read their blogs. No oh! Those stupid pop up windows won't let u do that in peace. Instead it would open another tab in the already small pop up window. I don't know if it's cos i use firefox, but still, e dey vex me.

Alright, i feel so much better. No offense to anyone who is GUILTY of the above crimes. You all just need to contact me with regards to where to send ur fines to. I haven't set an amount yet, but i accept cash and kind. I am an equal opportunity collector. Nothing is too much!

Oh and i have to add this, People please break ur posts in paragraphs GODDAMMIT! There's a purpose for their existence. It makes it easier to read ur post!

Also, how una go do audio post come get music player at the same time. How that one want take happen?


  1. haha, thats why i removed the music on my blog o. me, i like gist. so i open all the unread blogs in different tabs. all sorts of music comes on. i dunno which one to choose, so i close of them and read lera.

    as for the word verification, mine is to ensure the pple commenting are humans lol and not aliens

  2. Sorry o, i will try change my own ...

  3. LMAO!!! haha e pain you o!!!

    Iv always wanted a music player on my blog but then i remember how annoying it is to try and read other blogs with random music playing in the back.

    Lets hope the people u r talking to hear you!

  4. lol i am guilty as charged for some of the crime..
    i thought the word verification was for security reasons.

  5. LMAO!! I'm so with you on vexations 1&2 altho i usually just have the audio on my PC off.

    As for the 3rd one, i use firefox too and when i click on a commenter's name in the pop-up window, a new tab opens on my main page not the pop-up window oh...don't know if that makes sense ...maybe na ya setting.

  6. I am guilty! lol

    Popup ~ guilty
    Word verification~ Not guilty ~ never received spam comments.

    True talk sha o. I like music on my blog o but I won't lie that sometimes the music on other peoples blogs annoy me (ever so slightly sha). Ok I will lose the music o! lol

    My popup window opens a full screen o but I don't use firefox.

  7. am so guilty music player
    just mute da thing my dear as soon as u enter blogsville to b on the safe side
    by da way ur comment link pops up... lol just kiddin

  8. See i am not guilty of any of the above
    Oh ok ,word
    Chai that thing is annoying sha..wen u click on post comment it wld be askin u 2 type funny words like "TOPOTRII" or even "PENIS" sef.....lmao

  9. lol
    i am only guilty of the pop up window, for me that always seemed better. if i click on someones name it opens up a new tab on the main page and when i want to look at received comments and want to comment back its easier to get an overview like that. hmmmm i might change it just for

  10. LOL!

    I figured someday, someone would lash out.

    Funny how your post still makes sense after 1 year...he he he

    Bloggers commiting these crimes, Take note!

  11. lol. I like pop ups better jare.

  12. My dear, dat word verification thing dey pepper me pass. like say pesin dey write exam! I can't count the number of times i have not commented because i " failed" the yeye word!

  13. I don't mind the music players though. Some blogs have playlists that make so too much sense, and me i listen to music while doing evrything, so that one doesn't bug me.

  14. lol........ Sting is on a roll this week....let it out girl!... im not a fan of the music either cuz sometimes i wanna read blogs when im at work or in bookstore or something and u never know what sound will come out.... i prefer people that have music widgets u can choose to play yourself

  15. Okay seriously that last point makes too much sense.whats with audio posts and music at the same time??
    as for u people dat don't have pop up windows,how am i suppose reply all ur paragraphs?i don't have d strength to be cramming your points while replying so pop-up makes it easier....hehehehe
    I also dont like clicking on ur posts where i am suppose to leave comments,it doesnt make d post as beautiful like twas on d home page!!
    No word verfication please!!lol

  16. Lol. ranter. I know, that word-verification thing I think is utterly useless. Or maybe I just don't get the point.

    I'm not guilty of any of the above so I can boldly wag my index finger at all defaulters lol.

  17. HAHAHA.


    How far? Took a brief blogville vacay but I am back! yeah baby!


  18. I've never seen the pop up window....

  19. LOL...very good observations......

  20. and the music player thing is distracting and evn inconsiderate...i tend to read alot of blogs at work...sometimes in the middle of a meating, some of these blogs music have such delayed response that u won't even hear the sound it is distracting, esp if the reader was say on youtube listening to her ABBA and some inconsiderate person interjects my mind space with some soldier boy type stuffffffff.....word verification is to prevent popups i suppose..dont even know if mine is enabled.

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