Thursday, May 28, 2009


I need to stop taking myself and life so seriously. I used to think that i have a great sense of humor and can laugh at myself. I don't know how true that is any more. I still like to laugh, that's why anyone who makes me laugh is sure to be my friend. But i just get so angry, so frequently these days over little stuff. I have a short fuse, always have, but it has been under control these last couple years.

I used to have frequent out of control outbursts, but that has been under wraps until not too long ago when i got mad at the moms. I'm just tired of being angry all the time, or being pissed at people who i shouldn't give a shit about. I know life is too short, but i don't think i've been acting like i know that.

I need to get this fiery temper of mine under control before i develop high blood pressure or get an aneurysm. It's so not worth it at all.

Maybe i should take anger management classes. The intensity of my anger is not the problem at the point, it's the frequency. I no know wetin dey worry me o!


  1. damn vera!!!

    i dont want to take second position oh...

    note that the two comments were written 3 mins after Sting posted.

  2. Hmmmmm. Anger isn't such a bad thing if you put it to good use. For example, use your anger to call the republicans - assuming you aren't one yourself - and tell them to shut their pine holes. Or call your government - I mean the Naija one - and tell them to get real. Do you know they're celebrating 10 years of democracy tomorrow? They've got to be kidding me! They even have the audacity to declare tomorrow a public holiday - as if they haven't been on public holiday since. Ehen... what was I saying sef? Yes, so... direct your anger to one of those places. :-)

  3. pls, stop worrying urself when u are not even in warri. most especiall because of the high blood pressure tendency. that condition is not easy to revert back to normal

  4. Naija Shawty... sorry, you're second. Hahaha. As you can see, Vera Ezimora came first. And guess who comes after her?? Yeap, Naija Shawty. Ha!!! **sticking out tongue**

  5. I used to be "miss all smiles" but now i am "miss don't u dare mess with me". I really want to go back to my old self but I keep snapping at the slightest jokes. Well join me and breath in and out wooo saaaaahh!

  6. Don't worry yourself too much before you give yourself hypentension. I think and hope its just a phase, you will get pass it. nothind dey worry you jare :)

  7. Remember to breathe whenever U feel angry. I have temper problems too but I've really managed to keep them under control for a long time now. U can also take out ur anger while working out - take a kick boxing class or something, then you do 2 good things at once!

  8. anger is very long as it doesnt get too out of control. whenever u find urself getting angry, take a step back from the situation, breathe and focus on not letting ur emotions take over

  9. hmmmm
    anger is not the problem
    anger are the leaves on the tree
    you have to figure out the root and what feeds the tree cuz anger is just the manifestation of bottled up emotions and expectations

    so yeah
    go soul searching

    and then start controlling your thoughts
    because anger needs your mind permission to grow

  10. Anger becomes a problem when it can't be controlled/managed, I suggest that u weigh the stuffs that get u angry frequently,has your anger changed anything about it? if Yes, then good but if it is a NO, then its not worth all that energy of getting angry.


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